What makes the Cafe Tables different from other forms of tables?

Cafe tables come in different types, form and shape made out of varied types of materials. However, one aspect that is common amongst all the cafe tables is their efficiency and flexibility. It is designed specifically to be lightweight and moveable. Cafe tables are often found in various coffee shops and confectionery shops. Cafe tables can be easily arranged and moved by the staff of these shops with ease. As mentioned before, cafe tables come in different sizes, shapes and heights., However, a standard height that is required to be maintained  for every cafe table is between 28”-30” from the ground. Cafe tables or coffee tables are now commonly found in various residential buildings where they  are generally placed in the living room, balcony, lawn or sitting room or any other part of the house which is perfect for light conversations over refreshing sips of fuming coffee. 

Different ways of converting a standard height table to Cafe Tables

Cafe tables are now more commonly encountered with not only at public places but at commercial and residential places as well. There is no doubt that these tables come at a premium price  and at times people consider recycling or revamping their old wooden table into a newly designed cafe table. A standard table  generally wears a height  between 28-30inchs above the ground. However, cafe tables need a height between 40 to 42 inches which means that the standard table needs to stand on the  extended legs to reach that required height for cafe tables. Revamping an old table is a good idea  if it is equipped   with straight legs. Angeled legs might get complicated when it comes to stretching  them vertically.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to turn an ordinary table into an architecture café table

  • Choose the legs of the table are extra sturdy to manage the weight of the old table. Preferably choose bolt-in prefab table legs that are designed as threaded pockets making them apt to replace the old legs. Make sure that the new legs are at least 12inches taller than the old ones. 
  • Paint the legs matching with the colour of the table. Preferably use latex paints or all-in-one stain paint for finishing. In case, you are in view of changing the look and feel of the cafe table then choose a comparatively bright colour.  
  • Now, once the colouring and finishing of the legs are completed, turn the table upside down and remove the nylon glides. 
  • Drill a ⅚ inch hole in the centre of each table leg, keeping your drill in one line having the angel and depth of at least 1-inch. Drive a T-bolt into each hole. Fix the T-bolt by twisting it clockwise with a large and flat head of a screwdriver.

Last but not least, measure and cut the legs to required length. Thread each leg to respective T-bolt and tighten them hard by hand.

Cafe tables are a new and better version of modern furnishing that not only gives an enhanced look and feel to the area where it is placed, it also creates a vibe of productive laziness much required to have leisured conversations or indulge in the company of  friends and family over a cup of coffee. There are many good designers worldwide who are famous for their unorthodox  designs of cafe tables. In case, you aren’t in a position to afford a masterpiece designed by those designers, there is always a smart way to restore a piece of old furniture and give it a look and feel  that of a cafe table. There are many good carpenters who have honed expertise in making good cafe tables at a  affordable price. 

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