What Makes Texan Style Barbecue So Special?

‘Delectable’, ‘palatable’, scrumptious’, … people use various words of praises when speaking of Texas-style barbecue. Truth be told, every time one puts a tender slice of Texas-style barbecue into the mouth, the juicy and flavorful piece of meat reminds them that the Texans are perhaps the lone people to perfect the BBQ art. Anyways, it is not simply the taste factor, the Texas barbecue is accepted everywhere as a healthy food.

Like anyone else, if you are wondering what distinguishes the barbecue restaurants in grand prairie tx from the rest, let you be informed that it is almost everything. If you start preparing a list, the entire lot will feature in it, from seasoning to cooking and smoking to presentation. On top of it, the chefs have to have patience! If they falter, they spoil the barbecue.

The Cooking Process

From the word go, you’ll know about the cooking process. Texas-style barbecue isn’t cooked in the conventional grilling process. While BBQs tend to be cooked over a searing heat, the secret to grilling, rather smoking, melting, tender, and delectable Texan barbecues is to cook it slowly over low temperature and indirect heat. The lower the temperature around 200–250-degree F of the pit/grill, the lesser is going to be the moisture-loss, thus the piece of meat will never go dry.

Then again, the steady and low heat will properly cure the brisket, making the collagen and also the connective tissues break down and enhance the tenderness of the meat. Actually, it is this slow process of cooking for nearly 6/7 hours that renders even unorthodox and more tough cuts like brisket, shoulder, or ribs absolutely delectable.

Adding Mop Sauce

Embellishing this succulence, this deliciousness of the Texan style barbecues served in a local eatery for breakfast in grand prairie tx is the common use of mop sauce. After the meat is thoroughly smoke treated, like for the initial 2/3 hours, it is basted with a mop sauce having bacon, beef broth, lemon, pepper, onions, etc., and turned every half an hour for the remaining 3 to 4 hours.

The Flavor Factor

The flavor is one of the specialties or the ‘tang’ factor of a Texas-style barbecue. Seasoning, as well as hardwood smoke, add to the uncommon flavor of Texan barbecues. Texans like dry rubs with black pepper, cumin, garlic, red pepper, salt, sugar, etc. in powdered form. Some chefs also add Marinades. There is an abundance of good dry rubs and marinades available in the market, that penetrates the meat cut if left overnight, making it more tender as well as flavorsome.

The Final Word

It’s not all about the taste and health benefits of the Texan barbecue, looks matter too. Well, the seasoned chefs lend an appetizing look to your Texas-style barbecue by slicing each piece across the grain of the meat. So, when the Texas barbecues are served, the guests are excited to enjoy the well-cooked aroma of the steaming barbeque cuts and will sit at the dining table to bite into the yummy, luscious Texas BBQ.