What Makes Ooze Vape Pen a Solid Value for Money?

Ooze vape pen is a popular type of vape, as it is a solid value for those who want to vape on a budget. An Ooze vape pen includes everything one needs- including a variety of coils, a fast charger, and some useful silicone tools. It is one of the best and most dependable concentrate vapes in its price range.


Most Ooze vape pens come with a 320mAh battery that tends to last long periods of time. Thus, if you tend to take your Ooze vape pen out for a long period of time, this type of vape will be most suitable for you. 

Unlike other vapes out there in the market, you would not need to replace a vape pen’s battery as frequently. A long-lasting battery like that of an Ooze vape pen is also worthwhile for an individual who has to study long hours but constantly has an itch for nicotine.

Hence, this vaporizer happens to be the most suitable and budget-friendly option for many people.


An Ooze vape pen is convenient and easy to use, especially when it comes to charging. Unlike the rest of the vapes out there that are technical to use, you will only have to remove the upper part of the Ooze vape pen and plug it in the USB charger provided to you inside the boxing of your vape pen.

Smooth Draw

An Ooze vape pen delivers a smooth and powerful draw. When vaping, you will feel as if you are breathing thin air with just the right amount of your favorite concentrate. Thus, you get the advantage of both quality and quantity!

Safety Feature

There is an auto safety shutoff feature that comes in an Ooze vape pen, which proves helpful in case you forget to turn it off.  This helps save your battery from draining and makes your vape pen last longer as well. Numerous Ooze vape pens also come with a preheat mode that fires up the vaping concentrate for fifteen continuous seconds without any button.

Moreover, the temperature settings of the vape pen can also be adjusted easily by turning the bottom part of the pen accordingly. Most vape pens also have a wax atomizer inside the pen to allow a more proper and effective dab. Inside the box of a vape pen, there is a user manual for your guidance and a dabber tool as well, which makes your vaping experience much easier.


Other than the above-listed characteristics, an Ooze pen has a sleek and compact design that is comparatively easier to hold and carry. You can even slide it into your pocket easily.


Ooze vape pens do not require much maintenance as ordinary vapes do. Due to their simple and convenient design, they are most suitable for those individuals who are not responsible and consistent in regular maintenance.

Better Substitute for Smoking

Vaping is considered much safer and better than smoking tobacco cigarettes by researchers.

An Ooze vape pen serves as a great substitute for smoking. Moreover, you can even restrict yourself to nicotine strengths, as mentioned above, unlike in cigarettes. 

Many people who want to give up smoking cigarettes switch to Ooze vape pens. Thus, these serve as a good option for heavy smokers. There are numerous other reasons why vaping is so effective at helping smokers quit, and the nicotine rush is just part of the overall experience. 

Vaping is more effective at helping one quit smoking as it eliminates lots of the physical habits and cravings one builds up without realizing over months or years of smoking traditional cigarettes. 

Numerous smokers struggle with finding something to do with their hands once they have quit. Thus, vaping gives you just that! The physical act of inhaling and exhaling smoke or vapor that Ooze vapes provide gives smokers a similar experience. Therefore, Ooze vapes allow you to continue the social aspect of smoking, without keeping up a dangerous habit.

Furthermore, vaping is estimated to be 95% better for your health than smoking is and thus serves as an effective aid to cutting down or quitting smoking. 

Over the past years studies have shown that smoking is and continues to be incredibly injurious to not just smokers themselves, but those around them as well. The smoke that is exhaled itself contains more than 7000 chemicals 70 known carcinogens that can cause cancer. 

Moreover, when this smoke is inhaled by other people, it results in an increased risk of respiratory infections like pneumonia and bronchitis, an increased risk of ear, nose, and throat infections, an increased risk of severe asthma and asthma attacks, and an increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (this is, cot death). Smoking cigarettes also raises a person’s risk of heart disease, lung cancer, and strokes, as well as several other conditions.

Vaping, however, has been shown to not have the same risks when it comes to inhaling secondhand vapor and is not as injurious to health. Current evidence and several studies have shown that the effects of secondhand vapor are almost negligible. 

This is because as vapor evaporates very quickly, this makes them much safer for those around you when you vape. Lastly, vaping does not comparatively produce harmful chemicals when exhaled. That is mainly because as there are considerably fewer main ingredients in an Ooze vape pen as compared to a tobacco cigarette, there are also considerably fewer compounds in the vapor itself that is exhaled. 

Most vape juices only contain 4 main ingredients- a PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) base, nicotine, and vape flavorings. All of these main ingredients are proved to be safe to consume, unlike tobacco cigarettes. 

Furthermore, as tobacco cigarettes contain more than 7000 chemicals when the smoke is exhaled, this means that vaping is safe to do both in public and around others if you need to.

Thus, with several benefits an Ooze vape pen has to offer, it is in fact, a solid value for money.