What Makes Magnet Fishing Perfect for You

The process of magnet fishing does not require a great deal of experience, but some good practices will make this hobby more enjoyable:

Respect Passers By:

It goes without saying, as in detection, be attentive to people who may swim in the lake you are prospecting. Do not use your rope as a lasso and be sure to keep a good distance from people who may be nearby. A magnet can hurt. Of course, we leave with our waste and we throw it in the place provided for this purpose or better, in a recycling center. Also consider the junkyard if your find is massive.

Wind Up Your Rope:

If you don’t want a bad surprise, remember to coil your rope on itself after your outing to avoid knots. You can go with any type of rope as long as it is strong enough, long and well-designed enough to be submerged in water. You can even opt for a rope that is noticeably elastic, which will allow you to always have a bit of play when pulling.

Expert recommends a length of 15 to 30 meters depending on your use. Note: a long cord will allow you to cut a few pieces of it when one end is worn without it becoming too small. You can therefore find the rope of your choice in a store or quite simply in your detection shop (ex: 20 meter rope for magnet fishing)

Have The Meal:

Before throwing your rope into the water, unwind it carefully on the ground in order to make it usable over its entire length when throwing.

Attach Your Rope:

Last step before launching your magnet, wrap it around a fixed point: a tree, a pole firmly planted in the ground… this will prevent losing your rope in case of recklessness. In particular, you can attach one end of your rope to a carabineer to facilitate attachment.

Keep Your Magnet Away:

Before and after any outing, be careful not to leave your magnet near electronic devices (cell phone, detector, computer, etc.), otherwise you could seriously affect their operation. You can isolate your magnet after each trip by storing it in a box provided for this purpose.


Admittedly, the practice of magnet fishing is very widely tolerated, in particular because it strongly contributes to the decontamination of our water points sadly ransacked by metal waste and not only. However, as for any detection trip, it is advisable to respect certain customs as well as the law on private property and the protection of historical heritage.