What Makes Lawrence Of La Brea So Special?

The Lawrence of La Brea rug curating brand stands out from its competitors and continually strives for excellence whilst keeping many many customers delighted with their rug purchases. With global stock of the highest quality, a range of unparalleled extra services all delivered by an expert and experienced team of knowledgeable and approachable specialists, led by David Nourafshan. He has nurtured a business that excels in a competitive market and thrives on the challenge of meeting the demands of rug lovers from all over the world. By choosing Lawrence of La Brea, you don’t just get an insight into jute rugs, you get the whole package, the full professional business experience executed to perfection with customer needs and desires to the fore. 

The People

Every Owner/President/CEO will tell you their company would be nothing without the people that run it. Behind every successful entrepreneur is normally a vast structure of hard-working, dedicated and skilled professionals combining to make an outstanding team that functions efficiently enough to make the rest fall into place. The team David Nourafshan has assembled certainly achieves that status, excelling in their craft to push Lawrence of La Brea to new heights and to be able to mix it with the top brands in Los Angeles and compete with any rug distribution firm on the planet.

The Global Content

The President has over 25 years in the industry, over that time, he and his colleagues have made the best contacts in the industry by working with and supplying the elite of the rug designing and manufacturing world. Offering luxury products and the latest designs from Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey and home in the United States Of America sees the prestige of modern, vintage and antique rugs fused together in a breathtaking stock collection of over 1300 rugs.

Not Just Shopping

When you visit the best you don’t expect a one dimensional service, you demand more. The extras available at Lawrence of La Brea are what truly set this standard bearing brand apart from its fierce rivals. They don’t just sell rugs here, they provide beautiful staircase runners for a magnificent and classy look draping down your staircase, they design bespoke rugs, they care and restore rugs of personal significance and importance, they even have a rental service which further showcases their adaptability and versatility in the market.


Lawrence of La Brea provides a premium service to premier customers with luxury quality items at good value. Their excellence is recognised by many TV and film companies who use the brand to furnish their sets and sites on location and in the studio. When you are broadcasting to the nation, the continent, even the whole world at times, you cannot settle for second best. The authenticity a rug from Lawrence of La Brea brings with it outshines any imitation or replica as the quality of product speaks for itself from this prestigious and ground-breaking decor leader.