What makes Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring & his silent art so special?

Careful and aware

The girl with a pearl earring has beautiful skin. Her head is covered with a turban; her body is wrapped in a big yellow coat. She looks at the viewer, but paradoxically the gaze is soft and direct, intimate, and reserved. Glittering puddles on the split red bottom before it drops off the steep slope and grabs the clothes. The dark background gives a connection to who the girl is or where she was painted.

It is not a portrait but a Tronie

During his lifetime, Johannes Vermeer produced about 40 portraits of women, which has led historians to believe that he was particularly interested in the role of women in society. Girl with a Pearl Earring in particular has delighted and fascinated viewers since the 16th century. You can discover the perfect Vermeer replica at the best online art gallery Canada for your space.

Northern Mona Lisa / Dutch Mona Lisa

Little is known about the Girls with a Pearl Earring, and perhaps the art secret is part of the reason it became known as the “Dutch Mona Lisa.” In the painting, we see a young woman who turned a little towards the viewer, her lips parted and her eyes shone. The painting is called tronie: it is not exactly a portrait, but an image representing a stick in a suit or with the captivity of an exaggerated, a gold jacket with a white collar and, of course, pearl earrings.

The silent art and beauty of daily activities

Compared to other Johannes Vermeer pieces, the composition of Girls with a Pearl Earring is pretty decent. Unlike his other portraits of women, the subject does not perform a daily task without knowing that the artist is painting it. Here the girl’s gaze is penetrating and captivating. There are no visible settings in the background, which illustrates Vermeer’s light control. Use light to create contours and shapes that are more clearly visible on the subject’s face. She does not use a line to separate her nose from her cheek but uses sensitive highlights to define her. Vermeer’s ability to represent light is also seen in the reflection on the girl’s lips and of course in the light reflected by her earrings.

Champion in light and champion in the color blue

Three qualities make the Girl with a pearl earring so attractive. On the one hand, it is very beautiful. The striking blue and yellow girl handkerchief on a black background, the glittering pearl are created in a few quick strokes, the union prisoner of light and shadow on her shining skin, the floating puddles in her eyes – everything adds to a work. of sublime beauty.

Life in balance

Through this calm painting, Vermeer emphasizes that wealth and prosperity are not the most important things in life. Instead, people should live a balanced and harmonious life, with moderation and personal reflection, and balance their material possessions with their spiritual life.

A limited selection of colors

Vermeer created his calm paintings with just a few shades and colors, including yellow, ocher, brown, gray, and ultramarine. These shades give the painting a visual harmony.

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