What Makes a Yearbook Memorable?

While pictures of people, special events, and places might be enough to make an ordinary high school or college yearbook get the job done, there are ways you can make your yearbook even more memorable. If you’ve been charged with creating your school’s yearbook, you’re likely feeling excited and a bit overwhelmed.

The great news is that it’s not as hard as you might think to make your yearbook both memorable and unique if you’re willing to put some planning and collaboration into your yearbook project. For a few things to think about when hoping to make a yearbook memorable, read on.

Coming Up With a Theme

One of the best ways to make a yearbook memorable is for it to look professional and have it based on a theme. By using Mixbook to help design your school or organization’s yearbook, you’ll be ensuring your best chance of making it a memorable one. At Mixbook, you can use a variety of templates to turn blank pages into beautiful designs that will work with nearly any theme you can dream up. Even if you’ve never designed a book before, it’s easy to use Mixbook’s templates to come up with something original that you can even alter to make more your own.

If you’ve been tasked with creating this year’s yearbook, start by asking classmates or associates about themes that best represent your class or current events. This will be a great way to solicit interest in your project and get people around you to help you reflect on the past year and how you’ll pay tribute to it.

Thinking Beyond the Pages

One way to make a yearbook stand out from the crowd is by being original and coming up with new ways to show off school staff and students. Instead of a list of top football players, why not show pictures of them in their younger years as they were just learning to catch a ball? Or what about comparing each player to a famous person they admire? Making simple changes to the standard yearbook format will make your yearbook more memorable.

Taking Risks


When giving something your best effort, it can be hard to take risks. The truth is that you won’t please everyone no matter how you run your yearbook program and what you do to make your classmates happy. The best way you can ensure that your class will feel great about the memorable book you’ve created is to make a conscious effort to be sure all people and voices are included in your project.

Take the time to solicit ideas and content from students you aren’t friends with or don’t know very well. This can be a great way to make those last-minute connections at the end of the school year and you may even find out you have things in common with people you’ve never really talked to before.

As you design those pages, be sure to trust your instincts. If you take a few risks and do what you can to be inclusive, you’ll have a book you can be proud of. In the end, no matter what choices you make for your yearbook, it’s bound to be more memorable if you take things slowly, come up with a plan, ask for help from classmates, and even take a few risks.

The reality is that your class is different than last year’s and it’s important to make sure your yearbook shows off the personality of your graduating class if you hope to make it memorable for all. Best of luck to you as you embark on creating a fantastic and memorable yearbook with the help of Mixbook! You’ve got this!

Michael Caine

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