What kind of workers are employers looking for?

Times following the coronavirus pandemic can be very difficult for people who have lost their jobs. When looking to start a career in a new job, it is useful to know which employees will be most sought after.

Qualifications first

There is one basic rule. The more skills you have, the more employers are willing to accept your conditions. Thus, employees with certain practical skills will find it easiest to get a job. For this reason, technical workers such as electricians, automatics and mechanics should not complain about the interest of employers. There will always be work in manufacturing plants, and people who operate and repair machines must be available. It should be remembered that manufacturing companies coped best with the pandemic because people still needed certain food or hygiene products. Worse was the services market, where people looking to save money mostly gave up activities such as going out to restaurants, cinemas or make-up artists.

For this reason, it is useful to know that the right skills can pay big dividends when looking for a job. Are there any specific skills that might be useful in case of resume?

Qualifications that are worth having

In the age of the coronavirus, e-commerce has grown significantly. Thus, the logistics centres of major carriers have been working at their highest capacity since many years. In places of this type, forklift operators and warehouse workers are needed. Such employees can count on great interest from employers, because e-commerce is not going to disappear, and after the pandemic many people will significantly increase the amount of products ordered in this way.

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There is still a considerable demand for programmers. It can be suspected that the current situation will significantly increase the number of computer applications used by people during their work. Thus, the ability to write computer programs will continue to be a skill desired by employers.

Specialists in automation, electrical engineering or production management can still count on employment. Although many companies have had some downtime, things are starting to get back to normal, and high volume production poses significant challenges. Thus, workers able to manage and minimise losses.

Health care is another area that should be greatly appreciated after the coronavirus pandemic. Overworking hospitals and clinics can be a very serious problem, so all countries will be doing their best to train more and more workers in this industry, and current workers will earn more.

Summing up, logistics, production and healthcare seems to be the fields which could be open for people looking for a work. In this way, it is worth to consider skill increase in any of those field. Taking a specific course or gaduating a post-school is a good way to increase own chances on the market.