What kind of role does a press release play in SEO


Press release plays an important factor for the SEO to provide information to the people and answer the common question from the people. A press release is an official written paper or a statement delivered to the public via media about the changes and moves of the company. Normally press releases are done for the new product so that people and have a good idea about the product and wanna buy it. In today’s day and age the only purpose of the press is the get the information to the people and it very important to write the information properly and get checked before releasing the press release. Releasing the release professionally is very important and there are many steps one should follow before releasing. As there and the number of company’s doing press release every day about the product or a future step toward a company or for the people. So it is very important to make an impact with every press release with the way the press release is done. If you want to know about what is a press release, please read this full article.


There is a hug most of the preparation need when it comes to a press release and a big team working on everything at the same time with multiple run down and changes in press release presentation. The team has to work twice as hard as others to make an impact on their information and to create a positive thought with correct information and have to understand the various parts of a press release.

  • Logo used
  • Amount of information
  • Dates and location
  • Used headline
  • Action
  • Contact details
  • Boilerplate text

In today’s day and age, the headline has given the most important cause that the first time that is eye catches in any given press release. The phrase should be of min words and with perfect information that people know what coming when they read the press release with motivation. They are certain to the writer with a complex and big headline which takes away the interest of reading at the first step but the key of headline is to keep it short as possible with the perfect amount of information and with catchy words. The second most important factory is the body text given in the release with should match the headline and with proper date time and location of the press release. Many times people have made mistakes with this little thing like date time and location, which makes this thing very important in a press release with the deadline for the press release.

Also, the piece of information is newsworthy content or not is very important to decide at the first step preparing press release is very long and hard proper which is very is important to decide this. If the information is not interesting in a way it is not a good idea to invest time in that press release. Another factor is the boilerplate that is a text that you would find on the companies about us page. The information is very important and should be written differently. This can give a more professional tone and the story sound well researched and new at the same time.  


Well, the press release has become very important for SEO in today’s day and age and to maintain the belief of the people in the company there is given a huge amount of time and money for a press release so that information gets to the people in the best way possible.