What Kind Of Paint Color Goes Great With Kitchen Cabinet?

“If you hate it, you can easily repaint it” that’s what a lot of people think about painting, and it makes sense in real life. But painting your kitchen cabinet is a challenging task because it involves a lot of effort and hard work. Your kitchen cabinets Paint deserve extra love and care, so have you ever thought about making your tired kitchen cabinets lively again? But wait, the selection of wrong color choice put all your effort in vain.  What if you regret this choice and want a different color now?

Avoid this unnecessary trouble and thoroughly read out the current discussion before choosing the ideal paint color for the kitchen cabinets. We have recapitulated these paint colors after proper research as adding these paint colors in your kitchen will not only shine but also add extraordinary factors in the kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinets: Is Repainting an Optimal option or not?

Before you go for a repaint bandwagon, you must know whether your kitchen cabinets need repaint or not.

Properly examine them; if they are in good condition, then repainting could be wastage of money. But in case of severe damage, they must be replaced before it’s too late.

  • Prefer a Primer

All-in-one primer and paint products never give desire results, that’s why; it is quite preferable to choose primer after prepping the cabinets properly. We recommend waterborne paint colors as they are a fantastic choice for the cabinets. Additionally, such paint waterborne paints are adhesive. 

Pro Tip: The selection of paint color for the kitchen requires you to properly analyze if the kitchen has enough space for natural lights or not.  White and grey are the favorite colors for the kitchen cabinets and never look odd.

  • Go for Latex or Oil

It is suggested you must ponder the pros and cons of latex and oil. Please make your decision afterward. Else it could waste your efforts.

  • Latex paint can be cleaned and dried out quickly.
  • Oil paints give a smoother and gleaming surface
  • Oil paint can’t be dried quickly
  • The cure time of latex paint is quite more than the oil paints, which makes it susceptible to damage rapidly.

Though both of them have their pros and cons factually, they give the best finish. If you hire a professional interior designer for this purpose, then he can suggest a better solution based on the kitchen cabinets’ types and conditions.

  • Prioritize a Finish

In the end, the durability matters. You will have dribbles, splatters, and encrusted fingers mugging the cabinet’s paint daily. So, prioritize a finish that can be wiped-out easily without spending much time and endeavors. A hard finish is a great option; you can choose satin, gloss, and semi-gloss paints. However, we recommend you not to prefer eggshell or matte.

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You can give a different life and a unique appearance to your kitchen if you choose the paint type wisely. Otherwise, you can repent your preference if you make the ultimate decision without any prior research.