What Kind of Jewelry Is Appropriate for Children?

Along with the prosperity of jewelry in the modern era, many parents look for beautiful items and present them to their children as memorial pieces and daily dressing up. The choice is countless, but parents should take specific considerations for the sensitive wearers—children.

In this article, we will explore what kind of jewelry is appropriate for children by the sub-topics below:

  • Are all types of jewelry ideal for children?
  • What materials are best suited for them?
  • Which jewelry style is popular among children?

Are rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces all suitable for children?

It’s not surprising that small stuff like coins and items with small parts can be dangerous for children if swallowed. Children are not always the most cooperative people—they can be a little messy, and sometimes they don’t listen to what we say or do as well as we think they should.

When it comes to child jewelry, we’d better go for those with a comparatively bigger size, not easy to be taken off, and would not easily cause pain. As common sense, bracelets and necklaces are more appropriate for children than rings and earrings.

Older children will probably want to get more involved in the process of picking out jewelry by selecting some pieces themselves. At the same time, you need to help them avoid anything with sharp edges or small stones that could come loose and cause injury (which happens surprisingly often).

What materials are safe for your child to wear?

Most jewelry consists of both metal and gemstones. When the jewelry metal is concerned, which is safest for children? An excellent choice is sterling silver, composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. Sterling silver is a hypoallergenic metal good for sensitive skin, which is not easy to induce allergy. You may say platinum is more stable and hypoallergenic, but it’s much denser and has a higher price tag. If it would not lead to discomfort when worn, and if your budget allows, you can definitely pick platinum at ease.

Adding some uniqueness with gemstones is a great way to delight your child! Apart from ensuring their corners are rounded, you ought to research their physical properties and make sure they have a decent Mohs scale and are not easy to crack. Some gemstones like opals may break easily during collision. The fragments may be unnoticeable, entering into the child’s eyes or being swallowed—nobody would want such misfortune to happen.

What would be trending styles for children’s jewelry right now?

The keywords of the answers for this alluring question are colorfulness, cuteness and uniqueness.

Colors have always been children’s best friends, and they play a significant role in their growth. For example, bold reds and oranges have a profound effect on the brain function of children. They encourage them to explore their environment and notice small details too, which can lead to improved IQ scores as well! Unlike the way of choosing a colorless diamond for your partner, try to pick and mix colored gems or crystals and incorporate them into the jewelry for your child. Crystals from Swarovski are a must-consider option, and they offer unique shine and a multitude of shapes and colors. You will have endless color combinations and certainly have lots of fun if you pick with your child.

Cuteness is an essential element of child jewelry, attributed to the small mathematical size and dimension and the lovely shape, pattern, etc. For your inspiration, when buying a child’s necklace, pairing it with a Mickey mouse, heart or cat-shaped pendant turns it into an inseparable friend for the child. Such a piece will become something that the child will cherish for years. Whatever, please ensure any potential edges and corners are well treated and rounded to avoid scratching.

Personalized jewelry can bear significant meaning and symbolism during children’s growth. The prevailing elements for personalization include their name, initials, picture and even footprint! These elements are best to be printed or carved onto a disc pendant plate, particularly for name and initials, which would have sharp lines when crafted via cutting out from metal.

Final Verdicts

The memories stored in jewelry don’t just stay there; they’re accessed by children when they grow up. For us parents, the foremost principle of choosing jewelry for our children is to ensure the piece is safe enough in terms of materials and designs. The goal is to minimize the risk of any danger. Then putting more effort into the aesthetic and emotional elements will output a piece that colorizes and enriches their life.

Jennifer Alex

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