What Kind of Fertility Treatment Should You Look For?

Who doesn’t like to be a parent? But as we have started developing with time, tension and stress have created a lot of issues, especially with fertility. A lot of times you might have searched for a Fertility center near me to get yourself under the knife to understand how can you treat this situation.

Generally, there are two types of procedures that you go with. IVF and IUI procedures. Both of them tend to give you success withing 2 to 3 cycles. Out of both the first procedure should be IUI as it’s the basic one when it comes to fertility treatment. Let’s look at both the procedure:

What Is In-Vitro Fertilisation or IVF?

IVF is an egg fertilization process involving the outside of your body sperm. In the process the ovary is stimulated to develop follicles (fluid-filled sacs of the ovary containing eggs), this development is controlled when they are mature by a small procedure which allows for sperm to fertilize the eggs in the laboratory, the fertilized egg to grow in the laboratory and move them back to the uterus 3 to 5 days later.

What Is the Success Rate For An IVF Procedure?

The success rate of IVF depends on the woman’s age, infertility origin, years of infertility, embryo delivery, sperm quality and whether self-eggs or donor eggs have been used. In comparison to fresh embryos, the success rate of frozen embryos is higher. In younger women, success is greater, and even when a lady has an embryo transfer in her 40s, said in her 30s with embryos, her success will be the chance of a lady in her 30s

What Is the Time Duration Required For IVF?

This usually takes about 17-20 days from the beginning of the period and 15 days before a pregnancy test is done to find out if there is pregnancy. The procedure sometimes takes 2 steps. Step 1 requires the development and freezing of embryos and then Step 2 prepares the uterus for the embryo transfer at a later date.

Why Try IUI First?

You have to try IUI first as its one of the basic procedures when you get into fertility treatments. It costs less than other types of treatments available there which makes it much easier for every couple to get it done. This kind of treatment is good for people who are having issues with themselves with their bodies, this can help them a lot. Generally, people get pregnant withing two cycles, it can take up to 4-5 in order to get it complete for some people. 

For people younger than 35, the success rate comes out to be around 20% but for people above that, it starts decreasing.

Several doctors said that during the IUI procedure, you don’t get involve any pain throughout the treatment. You have some measure of discomfort, that gets common with every woman experiencing with this IUI treatment. That discomfort is usually compared with the pain experienced at the period of Pap deception test that finds the cells of the abnormal at the cervix.

In IVF, the egg is stimulated, then retrieved from inside and fertilized. Whereas in IUI the sperms are pushed inside or are injected into the uterus. This is done so the sperms won’t have to travel a lot.


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