What kind of DMS should we choose for easy document retrieval?

People have been throwing around the term DMS quite a lot lately, and if you’ve also been wondering, “What a DMS is exactly?” then you are in the right place. We did our research, and this is what we found: 

A document management system or a DMS is a software solution that allows companies to store, manage and retrieve documents and digitise the entire document management process.

But the question remains: Why so much hype? 

Well, if you’ve ever engaged in managing the paperwork in your company, you would know the struggle behind it. But if you don’t, here’s the gist of it: 

Statistically, employees waste 30-40% of their day retrieving documents stored in cabinets. Another stat says this leads to a 21.3% drop in overall employee productivity. This obviously incurs business losses, as the opportunity cost here is very high. 

Another big reason for the hype is sustainability. More than 80% of information is paper-based in most organisations. And according to an article published by Forbes, 26% of dumped waste in landfills is paper. 

All of that implies that paper documentation:

  1. Is extremely expensive for companies, given the added management and retrieval costs. 
  2. Leads to a drop in employee productivity, incurring business losses. 
  3. And is highly unsustainable. 

But these aren’t the only problems that a Document Management System solves.

The benefits of opting for a Document Management System

  • Retrieve in seconds

There isn’t just one study that points out how employees waste an awful amount of time retrieving documents from cabinets and their systems. The most significant benefit of shifting to a DMS is the easy and quick retrieval of documents. 

After all, the whole point of having a system in place is not to store documents but to be able to find them in an instant whenever needed. Not being able to do that, whether you store it manually in cabinets or a computer, defies the whole purpose of the same. 

  • Cost-effective 

You have two options, you can either spend a subscription fee to store, manage and retrieve documents easily, or you have to spend on the following individually: 

  • Office space, because the piles of paper will only increase with time. 
  • Increased overheads for printing, and reprinting a document. 
  • More personnel, due to low productivity of available employees. 
  • And any financial or legal penalties that may arise from mismanagement. 

This will add up to be a lot of money; honestly, smart ones will just switch to a more pocket-friendly solution. Not all DMSs are easy on your pocket, but with little research you can find intuitive and intelligent solutions like dox2U that don’t break the bank!

  • Improved productivity 

With a document management system in place, life becomes more manageable. You no longer have to put tasks on hold to find the true copy of a document. All you have to do is search the title of the same in the software, and there it is – no more gouging. This allows the employees to focus on the job that asks for their expertise. 

The benefits of a DMS are convincing. But it is a software at the end of the day, and you need to make the right choice to be able to reap the benefits. One feature that you must not in any way compromise on is “Deep Search.”

As we mentioned earlier, it is about making retrieval of documents easier and hassle-free. Without which a DMS is nothing but a cabinet hoarded with piles of paper, good for nothing! 

The two kinds of DMS searches: 

While going through the packages and websites of different DMS providers, you will notice that not all offer the same solutions. 

While very few of them will be inclusive, offering essential tools and features like Deep Search, Common workspaces and Integration. Some might just be standard repositories; you’ve got to make a choice carefully and choose the one with the Deep-Search feature. 

  • Title-Based Search

This is something that we all have been doing all our lives. Whether you’re working with MacOS or Windows, it’s all about going to the search bar and finding the file with the title we gave it. 

This is how a Title-Based Search works. Convenient for people who have limited documents to work with and correspondingly for those who have a good memory. 

Why do we say that? Well, more often than not, we all forget the titles of essential files, and that’s when it becomes tricky.

If you think memorising the titles is difficult for you, too, given the number of files you have to deal with, you need a DMS that offers content-based advanced search options like dox2U. 

  • Content-Based Search (Deep Search)

A smart DMS lets you retrieve your document with the help of the smallest bits of content that entails. 

The Deep Search feature is all about allowing the user to retrieve documents by using keywords from the actual text of the document. 

For instance, if you saved the invoice by your client’s name but forgot the same, and all you remember now is the business’s name, then that’s all you need to retrieve the document. 

Some DMS are even smarter since they let you sort the results out on the parameters of relevance, date and more. They are making it even more of a handy task for one to filter out from the results. 

Benefits of the Deep Search feature:

  • Convenience 

What’s the whole point of investing in a DMS if you have to keep banging your head against the wall and memorise the titles? Invest money into something that’s convenient and offers you clear-cut advantages. 

  • Time-saving 

The Deep Search feature saves a lot of time for employees and helps them become even more efficient. This is specifically for companies with several related documents, where it becomes essential to sort out and filter the results since most of them could entail similar keywords. 

Concluding remarks 

Opting for an easy and encrypted data management system is essential for companies today. But choosing the right one that will fit your business’s requirements is another challenge. We recommend you choose one that is secure, reliable, easy-to-use and, above all, offers you the necessary tools and features like Content-Based Search. 

If finding one sounds like a tiresome task, take our word for it and check out dox2U’s website. They are a reliable Document Management System that offers features like Deep Search, Common Workspace, Guest Sharing with Granular Access Control and more.