What kind of Bathroom Lighting Fixture you should use?

The atmosphere inside the bathroom, the room we will enter for the first time in the morning, immediately after we leave the bed, will influence our general mood for the whole day. In this case, it is important that the arrangement of this room involves imagination, style and, last but not least, utility.

The bathroom is one of the most significant rooms in the home since it is where you must feel comfortable. For a bathroom where you want to improve the brightness and provide a sense of greater space, light, neutral tones are always the best option.

Importance of bathroom lighting fixtures

In the bathroom, light is very important, being recommended to have natural light to create the impression of a large and airy space, but also to facilitate activities such as the routine of daily care and makeup. If you do not have natural light in the bathroom, you will need to compensate through a bathroom lighting fixture system that covers the two areas necessary for the good functionality of the bathroom, ambient light, and functional light. The bathroom is very humid, so it is very important to choose an anti-rust bathroom lighting fixture. Therefore, it is not surprising that their popularity is increasing every day.

Bathroom lighting fixtures can be chosen according to the concept of the bathroom, size, needs, and personal preferences. Here we will include a washbasin, bathtub, shower, mirror, and vanity lighting fixtures.

It is extremely important to choose the right bathroom lighting fixture because bathrooms generally do not have windows or have a small one, so the lack of natural light must be compensated with a vanity light fixture. The best idea is to install two vanity light fixtures in the bathroom, one for general use and another above the sink. If the bathroom is small, only one light source can be installed, but it must be strong and well-directed.

Helping people to see properly is also very important, for reasons of personal safety and integrity. And here we have to keep in mind that over 80% of adults say that they have fallen at least once in their life inside a bathroom. Fortunately, the right lighting fixture can greatly reduce the risk of accidents.

What keeps in mind when it comes to bathroom lighting fixtures?

Required lighting level

The person using the bathroom is the only one who can tell how much light he required in the bathroom. For someone who wants to go toilet immediately after getting out of bed, a vanity light fixture with an intensity of 100 lux would be more than enough.

If you have just come out of the shower and would like to shave, you may need bathroom vanity lights of 1000 lux intensity, for perfect visibility of the details, depending on the visual acuity of each one.

Lighting around the mirror

The ideal vanity lighting fixtures for around the bathroom mirror are those that are located on each side of it and are positioned at eye level. As a result, when the light comes from above, the whole face of the beholder in the mirror will be lighted equally and without shadows. Because a mirror with integrated lighting is not a possibility in most cases and luminaires are not installed on the sides of the mirror or in nearby walls, wall sconces that descend down to the level of the user’s head may be installed. Around a mirror, the light coming from below is the worst decision you can make.

Lighting around the bathtub

Bathroom vanity lights may be fixed above the bathtub only if the distance between its upper part and the open or hanging lamp is at least 2.5 m, plus about 1 m horizontally. As very few bathrooms are larger than 3 m, it means that you can choose closed sconces, specially made, in which water or led strip profiles fixed to the ceiling cannot penetrate.

Lighting in shower

There are a lot of closed bathroom lighting fixtures that can be mounted above the shower and that will illuminate this area of ​​the bathroom quite well. You have to be careful to choose models of vanity light fixtures that are specially made to prevent water from entering.

The light around the toilet

In order to have enough light, you will be able to mount any type of bathroom lighting fixtures, be it cassette, hanging, or whatever you want it to look like, just to generate enough light that allows you to solve a conundrum or read the newspaper, as long as you use the toilet.