What jewel should you wear according to your horoscope?

The fascination with the Horoscope and the signs of the Zodiac is becoming more and more common. In recent years, the fever for astrology has begun to manifest itself in a thousand different ways: if before we could only read the Horoscope once a week in the printed magazines at the kiosk, now we can read our birth chart, make predictions about each sign and learn everything we want about the personality of each of them at the click of a button, instantly and thanks to the Internet.

Astrology and the passion for the Zodiac have also reached culture, the world of fashion (garments with illustrations of the signs are sweeping), the world of beauty … and of course, also the world of jewelry. In fact, wearing a small bracelet, a silver zodiac necklace, earrings or a ring with your own zodiac sign has become one of the most viewed trends on the web in recent years. A gesture full of symbolism, with which you can demonstrate your passion for this subject without losing an iota of style and showing off, in passing as a sign of the Zodiac. It is as if these jewels were our best cover letter!

If in addition to these jewels you add a careful and precious design, with all kinds of details -including from handcrafted engravings, to drawings of constellations or brilliant inlays, shapes modeled in gold and silver… the result is a super chic item that will give you light, that you can wear every day, and that you will keep for a lifetime. With all this in mind… don’t you think that a piece inspired by the Zodiac could be a fantastic gift for someone special this coming Christmas? You will only need to know the date of birth of the person to whom you are going to give it to get it right. If you like how the idea sounds, don’t miss this selection of the most beautiful pieces and jewels of the moment that we have found online dedicated to astrology. You will love all of them!

Mysticism and superstition have always surrounded crystals and precious stones. Whether because of their rarity, their beauty or their uniqueness, human beings have been attracted to them since ancient times and have included them in their rituals and clothing as a jewel and protection amulet. Although there is no scientific evidence of such benefits, there is a belief that, depending on our date of birth and zodiac sign, certain stones will help us channel our energy and, therefore, better connect both with ourselves and with the outside world. And here, even the most skeptical stop and take a look because, if there is something that we all feel a certain fascination for, it is what the stars have in store for us. And if there is a year in which any superstition is little, it is this year 2022.

Whether you believe in their reliability or not, talking about the signs of the horoscope is in fashion ( Mango is one of the latest firms that has opted to launch a collection dedicated exclusively to this universe). Within the western zodiac we find twelve variants: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

No matter what yours is, one defends her sign until the end of endgames (unless she gives you a completely equal, a very acceptable option). This is how the famous do it by showing their horoscope through necklaces of different styles.