What is Wheel Alignment and how does it work?

Do you know that in order to live a sustainable and comfortable life, we need to abide by certain rules and regulations? Our life needs a certain amount of balance to sustain its functionality. Why not begin with our very own car?

A lot of customers complain about uneven steering and imbalanced tyres. A major reason for such scenarios is a misaligned wheel. This generally happens when the tyres of your vehicle are not in proportion with the axle.

But the question arises, how did my car come out of alignment? Do not worry! Keep on reading this blog post to find out.

Major reasons for a misaligned wheel

If you hit a nasty pothole, while driving at a high speed, it causes a huge impact on your wheels and the sidewall structure of the tyre. Thus, making wheel alignment your biggest priority. One more major reason for the misalignment of wheels is a weak rim protector.

Rim protectors are designed to protect your tyre’s structure from any kerb damage. Thus, a weak rim protector damages your tyre structure and also makes the wheels prone to misalignment.

If you want to clearly understand the wheel alignment procedure performed by experts, look below.

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel Alignment Newport

Wheel alignment is the process of correcting the angles of your car’s wheels. The wheels are aligned to the axle and each other as well. This is done to make sure they work smoothly and in unison.

Usually, experts perform three types of alignment on your wheels depending upon your vehicle. Refer to your tyre technician to know exactly what your car needs.


Here are the three types of wheel alignment process:

Front end alignment

This type of alignment is not recommended for modern cars. It readjusts the rolling properties of the front wheels, so that, they work together within the intended direction. In case you still feel vibrations in the steering wheel, we recommend getting your car service Newport today.

Thrust alignment

To ensure complete square alignment of all the 4 tyres, expert combine front alignment with the thrust alignment. If you drive a car with a solid rear axle, we suggest getting this alignment done at the earliest, to enjoy unveil your car’s full potential.

Four Wheel alignment

If you own a four-wheel-drive vehicle, consider this type of wheel alignment Newport no less than a boon. It is designed to combine your front and thrust alignment together, with an added bonus of positioning the rear axle wheels.

After acquiring requisite knowledge about the alignment and suspension types, a lot of people start asking a common question.

How do mechanics perform the alignment procedure?

  • First of all, to determine your car’s condition, the technician will take your vehicle for a spin.
  • After determining the condition of the wheels, experts use a hoist to examine your tyres and suspension status.
  • Now a minor but important step is checking the air pressure of all your tyres.

Now, the real action begins:

  • Experts at the auto garage centre will hook your car to the alignment machine and they will start making adjustments to the suspension.
  • If you have studied automotive engineering, you’ll know the four major aspects that need adjustment, i.e. toe, camber, thrust and caster.

Finally, after ensuring a properly balanced steering wheel, the mechanic will take your car for a final test ride.

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