What Is VB .NET and What Can You Do with It?

So what is VB .NET? This is a simplified, up-to-date object-oriented computer programming language. It is developed by Microsoft with the aim of merging the strength of .NET framework and visual basic. The purpose of designing Visual basic.NET was to enable it to take the benefits of .NET-based classes and run time. It has the power to support abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism. 

It was created based on visual basic programming languages making it easy for someone who had previous knowledge of this programming language to understand it quickly, and this is an added advantage. 

It has many shortcuts making it easy to code in it because you will not need longer lines of code. With the update of version 4, it enabled this programming language to become an object programming language because of the addition of support classes and class modules. 

With its reliance on .NET framework, programs can run more reliable and more scalable. You can also create fully object-oriented applications which have a lot of similarities with applications developed in C++ or even java. Another advantage with this language is that it can work hand in hand when programming with Visual C++ and Visual c#

Procedure on how to create PDF with VB .NET

Portable document format, commonly known as PDF, is a file format that contains all the characteristics of a printed paper, that you can send to an individual or write, read and print. Creating a PDF using VB.NET is an easy procedure. You have to write the following code;

Dim document as new PDFdocument()

There are many other alternative ways of creating PDF, but this is the most user-friendly and easy to used.

Understanding what JavaScript framework is

JavaScript, as stated in the name this is a scripted language that is intended to be used to establish and control dynamic components. These dynamic components are things like animated graphics or slides of photos. JavaScript frameworks is an application framework that has been written in JavaScript and allows the programmer to manipulate the various functions and use them for their benefits.

Most developers prefer using the JavaScript framework because they are more adaptable in designing websites. JavaScript framework simplifies the use of JavaScript, making it easy and fun. When using high-level machine language, JavaScript frameworks are the most responsive making them be used more than others.


Visual basic.NET is a programming language that is simple enough for beginners to understand and also has the power to create sophisticated applications using its simple syntax. Anyone interested in object-oriented programming should consider using it as a start because you are not required to write long lines of code due to the many shortcuts it has. Getting PDF documents in visual basic.NET requires some practice in coding, although other simpler methods are available but will require the use of open-source applications. JavaScript is simply defined as the language of the web. JavaScript frameworks have filled the gap and made many developers who previously avoided complex JavaScript development love it.

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