What is trending in swag?

A promotional product, or swag as the cool kids call it, can be one of the easiest ways to spread your brand and gain new customers. 

In fact, “70% of consumers say that promotional products make their experiences more memorable” in a survey by P2P Marketing. 

The most important thing about giving out swag is making sure it’s something your target audience will love. 

But when should you invest in promotional items, and what types of products are best and trending? 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at some trending brand swag suggestions to inspire your swag campaign. 

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Blanket Hoodie

During the pandemic, consumer interest in all things fuzzy, comfy, and soothing skyrocketed, fueling the athleisure clothing trend, spa restroom trend, and wellness sales volume. 

Wellness-promoting blankets such as infrared sauna blankets and duvets became popular during the pandemic. So it’s no wonder that adorable, comfy, and workable blanket hoodies have grown in popularity among US consumers over the last two years, particularly during the winter months. 

Three-in-One Charging Station:

Google searches for 3-in-1 charging outlets in the United States have increased in the last two years. This time-saving device allows you to charge your smartwatch, smartphone, and earbuds all at once.

Last year, one of our most popular tech promotional products was Docksy, a personalized 3-in-1 charging pod. We anticipate that customer demand for 3-in-1 charging stations will remain trendy in 2022.

Sustainable Activewear

According to Google’s most recent annual review of search trends, worldwide searches for sustainability attained all-time highs in 2021, and Americans searched in droves for sustainable products such as sandals, pens, and activewear.

Given that athletic apparel was also a rising sportswear trend in 2020 and 2021, it is not surprising that buyer interest in sustainable activewear is increasing right now. Some examples of sustainable activewear items that will make excellent promotional products in 2022 are:

  • Bella Unisex Long sleeve
  • Endurance Lady Fleece
  • Ascolour Stencil Hood
  • Marine Layer W Joggers
  • Zipup

Shirt Jackets

Retro shirt jackets, also known as shackets, were one of the most popular fashion trends at the climax of 2021.

We predict to see more custom shirt jackets as promotional products and brand gifts in 2022 because these overshirt-style vests are a great transitional piece for spring.

Swag Packs

What exactly is a swag pack? Swag packs, a personalized kit or bundle of promotional products, became a popular customized brand gift for remote event guests, employees, and VIP clients at the start of the pandemic.

They are still trendy today. We anticipate that businesses will send out a slew of trendy swag packs as presents throughout 2022. 

Swag packs can be customized, from the contents to the packaging, keeping them the top promotional product trends in 2022.


Company swag raises brand awareness, assists in breaking into new markets, and nurtures admiration in your target audience.

When done correctly, company swag integrates marketing and promotional supplies with an improved employee and customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

It is a low-cost, innovative solution with a high return on investment and a slew of other advantages.


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