What is TikTok, and what is the bad influence of TikTok on society?

TikTok is a video-making and video-sharing app, used on mobile phones, as in both phones android and iPhone. This app was launched in China in September 2016 and, in 2017, this was found in the whole World. Yes, remain bane soon because it has many bad impacts on humans and society.

TikTok, a video-making and video-sharing app, has seen rapid growth worldwide. This app is used in a great amount and has many bad effects on humans, as it destroys human emotion, skills, talents, etc. this app shows the dangerous sign for the teenager. Teenager destroys their future by wasting their time on TikTok.

TikTok has a bad effect on the students. It is the cause of addiction and boasts an endless stream of material. Students can waste a lot of time on TikTok and form videos and even become an addiction to watching, making, and sharing videos. Some students can bully other students; it is also a platform for bullying. 

I see many hateful and hurtful comments on TikTok. This can hurt the user. Naturally, it is one of the biggest bad impacts of TikTok. People can suicide because of this bullying. This disturbs human mental health; anxiety, depression, and anger are the outcomes of TikTok. Overall, this app spreads misinformation and misguides the people. TikTok also divides the people into different sections, and sand creates infliction between people. TikTok contains distractible content, which guides the people in bad manners. TikTok is the reason for unequally censor creation. 

What is the reason for banning TikTok in the World?

TikTok creates many social evils in society, so the government of different countries decided to ban this app. As the government has national authority, they refused this app. The ban of any app depends on the following factors:-

Widening information inequalities:

Widening information and innovation inequality can cause the ban of TikTok. It is already known that the Chinese app is banned in many countries because they make different apps, leading to many problems. 

Decrease in benefits and increase in bad effects:

TikTok has many benefits, such as people can buy Tiktok followers and promote their accounts rapidly. Still, as time passes, it has more bad effects on humans, creating different social diseases and evils. When countries’ governments see that their youth are destroying their future by wasting their time on TikTok, they decide to bane this app. Nowadays, this app has more bad effects than its benefits.

Spread fake news, making of fake accounts, and the making of bad videos:

This application is very easy to use; everyone can use this application and create his account. But some people make their fake accounts and misuse this application. Some people make bad videos that contain hateful material just for fame; this is hatred by every person. This application also spreads fake news in the countries. So it was banned.

Which countries bane this application?

Different countries banned this application. These countries are:


A team of Japanese lawmakers complained to the Japanese government to ban this Chinese app from the country and handle user data. This country has faced many difficulties because of this app. Their youth was greatly affected by this app. So, they banned this app from their country.


Australia’s government also banned this app from their country. According to a media report, the Australian lawmaker team investigates this app and finds that this app can destroy their youth. So, they banned this application. 


India is a developing country, but they have millions of TikTok users in their country. Millions of Indian people eat chicken legs on TikTok; this is the main cause of the bane of TikTok in India.


Pakistan’s management also banned this app from their country, but many people still use it with the help of another website such as a VPN. Pakistan is the second country in the world that is badly affected by this app.

Many other countries have blocked this application from their lands. These countries are; Turkey, Indonesia, the European Union, and also china.


Shortly, this application remains bane as it has many bad consequences. It seems that this app has more disadvantages rather than advantages. This app has badly affected the youth, so if the condition remains the same as today’s, there is no chance of unblocking this application. For Such updates, you can visit Socialclick.uk and stay updated with latest news regarding social media marekting.