What is the Use of Influencer Marketing?

The sectors that usually use Influencer Marketing in their communication campaigns are dedicated to marketing a product. These companies, exhausted from traditional advertising, have found in the influencers the most effective way to reach the ‘new consumer’. Thanks to the development of successful Marketing campaigns with Influencers and the trust they generate in social networks, other companies that do not have marketing purposes have also added to this growing trend in communication. In today’s post we enter the sectors in which Influencer Marketing with do your thng surprises with its effectiveness.

How to push the Growth in Influencer Marketing?

Influencers, your presence is becoming stronger when planning an online marketing strategy: Are they essential? How should we work with them? Opinions matter a lot. So much so that a positive opinion towards a product or a service of a user in social networks, can give a little push to that potential customer who is undecided when making the purchase.

We increasingly rely on the opinion of a friend, an acquaintance or a person who understands the subject and has some experience in it. Therefore, involving influential people in the online world is now a key marketing tactic to expand the scope of a campaign. We have neglected to think that everything that an advertising campaign tells us is true, however tempting it may be, for which the influencers figure is making more sense than ever in online marketing campaigns.

What should we really consider when choosing an influencer in our campaign? I would undoubtedly choose three main forms:

  • Its ability to mobilize opinions and create reactions in other users when talking about a specific topic.
  • The audience’s potential of an influence on a given theme.
  • The level of participation in the conversation on a specific topic.

How can we locate the influencers we need?

The first thing to keep in mind is that not all influencers fit with our brand and therefore with our online strategy. Therefore, it is necessary to begin to identify those who resemble our values and the objectives we want to achieve.

Once we have selected our influencers, the next step is to contact them. Do not do it anyway and cure it a little. It is important to make them feel special, communicate what your brand can bring them, and how they will help the brand. Always be transparent and do not try to sell them the motorcycle. Keep in mind that if your campaign works, it will be thanks to the fact that this influencer will add value, enthusiasm and love to the project, so do not overwhelm or pressure him. Always explain the whole campaign without imposing anything on him, let him express his ideas and opinions and let him be himself.

What can we use influencers for?

  • For the launch of a product or service. He will give that impulse to a new brand, he being the main leg of the strategy to make everything known.
  • In the launch of a new brand. Do you want your brand to have a fresh and different image? A good influencer can help you get it.
  • To promote a certain action of a brand. For specific issues in which we need to give a small boost to a campaign.
  • At events. They are perfect to publicize an event and be part of it.