What is the UK’s New Immigration Law for 2021?

From the first of January, a new immigration system will be put in place. After Brexit, EU, or Swiss nationals will not be allowed to travel to the UK without visas. All foreign nationals will be considered equal except for Ireland and Malta. If you are from any of the excluded countries or are a Swiss national, we recommend consulting the top immigration lawyers in UK.

Here is what has changed so far.

Points-Based Immigration System

The new immigration is a point-based system with different categories having some fixed requirements.

  1. The old Tier two Visa will be replaced by a new category “skilled worker”.
  2. If a person receives an employment offer, the skill level must be RQF3 or above.
  3. The employee must be able to understand English on a conversational level.
  4. The employer shall have to pay either £25,600 or the current rate.
  5. If the current rate of a job is more than £25,600, the current rate will be applicable.
  6. The minimum salary can be reduced to £20,480.

Rules For Skilled Workers

Some qualifications which do not qualify for the current Tier 2 Visa may qualify under the new skilled worker’s category, for example, salesperson, support technicians, chefs, plumbers, electricians, real estate agents etc.

Employers who want to hire employees in the skilled worker’s category shall have to acquire a sponsor licence which essentially means that employers will need to apply to become a sponsor. If you are planning to hire someone from a foreign country, you should get this done as soon as possible. We also recommend seeking professional advice on this matter.

Unskilled Workers

There will be no category of visa for low skilled workers which means that only Irish and British citizens will be able to acquire low skill jobs. This will certainly affect many businesses in terms of profits and even their ability to continue functioning.

How The New Law Will Impact Employers?

The new laws will prove to be beneficial for employers who hire skilled EU and non-EEA nationals. There are many reasons for that. First, a skilled Visa is now much easier to acquire. Second, the skilled worker’s category encompasses a much broader range of jobs than the old Tier 2 category.

The residence labour market test has also been abolished which will make the hiring process much easier for employers. The law has also decreased the minimum salary and minimum skill levels allowing employers to hire from a much bigger talent pool. Also, there will be no limitation on the total number of work visas that can be issued annually.

Bottom Line

There have been drastic changes in the UK immigrant laws. One of which is going to substantially change the rules regarding visas and immigration. In particular, the new UK Tier 2 (General) visa requirements will make it easier for foreign talent to get a UK visa and harder for employers who only hired low skilled employees.

If you are an employer facing such challenges, we recommend consulting an immigration lawyer.

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