What is the Tog Rating of Silk Filled Duvets?

If you are planning to purchase silk filled duvets, then tog rating is one of the elements you should consider.

What is TOG rating? TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade and is a unit of measurement to tell you how warm the duvet will be. As of yet there is no official standards tog rating for silk duvets. This leaves the market in a bit of turmoil as some suppliers may recommend one thing and others something completely different. The comparative tog rating system we have seen is by measuring grams of silk per square meter. A duvet filled with 250gsm silk will be the equivalent of 2-4 togs. A duvet filled with 400gsm will be the equivalent of 7-9 togs, and a duvet filled with 600gsm will be the equivalent of 10-13 togs.

When you’re opting for a silk duvet, you’ll need to consider the season. It’s recommended that you have a different duvet with different togs for the summer, the spring and Autumn, and the winter. 

  • A tog of 2-4 is recommended for the summer: It is perfect for hot weather and for people who feel the heat because it insulates you from both heat and cold. It allows your body to regulate its temperature naturally.
  • A tog of 9 is recommended for the Spring/Autumn: It is warm but light. It is perfect for spring and autumn and for cool bedrooms. It is also the best way to enjoy the benefits of a silk duvet for at least half of the year at a very reasonable price. 
  • A tog of 13 is recommended for the Winter: It is perfect for rooms with little heating, harsh winters and people who are cold. Like the other duvets, it is equipped with ties allowing you to associate it with another duvet for even more warmth.

It is worth pointing out that many suppliers offer a silk combination duvet which is a 250 and 400gsm duvet that fasten together. It is the economical way to get the benefit of silk duvets all year round. It comprises a summer duvet and an autumn duvet that can be used separately or together to make a really warm winter duvet. It has fastenings on the sides and at the corners to attach the two duvets. Although it is light compared to a heavy, down-filled duvet, the combination duvet has incomparable insulating properties and provides gentle, enveloping warmth. It is also perfect for people who feel the cold, who have problems with circulation or who feel suffocated by heavier duvets.

The higher the tog, the heavier the silk filling material. Heavier silk duvets will help trap your body heat on cold days, while lighter silk duvets allow air in to keep your body cool on warm days. 

Numerous people choose to have two duvets at home — a light duvet for use in summer and a heavy one for the winter. However, we also suggest choosing an all season’s weight silk duvet which provides sufficient comfort for all year round use, if you have budget limitations. 

Now, you know what tog rating is, then you will never be cheated when buying silk filled duvets and comforters online.