What Is the Starting Salary for Hotel Management After Completing Graduation?

Students while considering a degree related to the service industry usually inquire about Hotel Management and the salary offered in this industry. Students pursuing graduation in hotel management are prepared for a variety of roles in this hotel and tourism industry, which includes sales, marketing, banquet maintenance, front office management, and event planning.

Trinity College of Hotel Management and pioneer Institute of hotel management are a few examples of best hotel management colleges in Hyderabad.

Pioneer institute of hotel management is the biggest and top hotel management college in Hyderabad and it offers both a graduation and post-graduation degree in hotel management.

This program prepares students for managerial positions in the hotel and hospitality industries. And also students were trained in various skills needed to handle a traditional business to establish a strong foundation for various hotel management and hospitality professionals.

By this students will be able to choose an area of emphasis, including hotel management, restaurant, food and beverages, banquet management, kitchen maintenance, catering management, sale and marketing, event management, tourism and hospitality management, etc.

The bachelor’s degree in hotel management and catering technologies offered by this institute focuses on oral and written communications, business applications, computer science, mathematics reasoning and social sciences along with standard hospitality subjects to provide well- rounded education to students.

Students with a degree in hotel management and catering technologies earn varying salaries depending on various factors and reasons.

In general, the starting salary for graduates of hotel management and catering technologies will be between Rs 20,000 – Rs. 50,000 per month.

Hotel management and catering technologies professionals can maximize their earning by gaining proper experience in the hotel management and hospitality industry and moving forward to top-level positions.

Students can also pursue higher education courses. Salary can be very lucrative for hotel management and hospitality students who decide to pursue a degree in hotel management and catering technologies.

Things employers usually consider to decide a salary package for particular hotel management professional includes:

Communication Skills:

Management is nothing but managing people and things and it is considered that communication occupies 70% of an employee’s role. Thus employers usually consider communication and presentation skills while offering a package

Technical Knowledge:

apart from the practical knowledge about the subject one should be updated technically to handle things with much ease and to reduce the time which is the major trait a hotel management professional must be equipped with.

Problem-solving capacity:

A manager must be a leader who needs to drive their sub-ordinated with spirit to achieve ultimate goals and satisfy their customers. we can’t predict what can happen at every point in this hotel and hospitality business. Thus a hotel management professional needs to possess the problem-solving capability.

Previous work experience /  Industry experience:

Professional with previous work experience were given importance and better salary package because they can deal with things with their previous experience to deal with various things in the industry

Degree/certification in hotel management:

Individuals holding a degree or a certification in hotel management and catering technologies for top hotel management institutes can enjoy the privilege of high salary packages.

Performance in degree or certificate course:

Employers while recruiting freshers usually consider candidates’ academic performance while pursuing their degree or certification in hotel management and catering technologies.