What is the specialty of Haitian Kremas?


A party feels incomplete without a drink. At a party, you relish the drinks and raise a toast to the celebration using the drinks. The mood for a good party is created by the drink served. May it be a wedding or a Christmas party, you can not deny the role of the party drinks. If you favor alcohol, you might have already tasted it all, ranging from wines to gin or vodka. However, if you want to add a special touch to the gathering, you can add a special drink to the menu- Kremas. It is native to the island of Haiti, and this drink transports your mind to the beautiful island and reminds you of its unique culture and traditions. The specialty of Haitian Kremas lies in its flavor that appeals to your sweet tooth and makes your gathering a memorable one.If you wish to buy kremas online, you can do so via Saveurs Lakay website.

Some people compare the Kremas with the Christmas eggnog, except it does not have eggs in it. Instead, the spices and the sweetness of Kremas make it comparable to eggnogs. Again it is also reminiscent of the drink ponche de creme of the Caribbean islands. It is made of condensed milk, coconut cream, and a pinch of cinnamon or ginger. In Haiti, each household prepares Kremas in its traditional way. Some add condensed milk, some prefer evaporated milk, and flavors also depend on personal choice. If you add the syrup to your Krema, the sugar will fully melt and bring out the right blend of all spices. The best thing about this drink is that you can easily prepare it, and serving is hassle-free. If you want to have it chilled, you can add some ice cubes to the drink.

The Haitian parties and carnivals are primarily known for their music and parades. Another specialty of the Haitian carnivals is the drink Kremas consumed as a part of the celebrations and Haitian cuisines. Kremas are generally alcoholic and are prepared with rum. The non-alcoholic one is much like a sweet milkshake, and the children can consume it along with ice cream or pudding. However, the Kremas use rum or gin. The addition of alcohol balanced the sweet taste. The Kremas that are made commercially are usually prepared with dark rum. You can also order them online at Saveurs Lakay that supplies this drink all over the USA and Miami within only three days. It gives you the flavor of authentic Haitian culture, and the drinks are also available in coffee and ginger flavors, amongst others. Saveurs Lakay also has a café named KremasKafe that sells all types of Kremas. The staff members ensure the best experience with their hospitality, and they are professional in their approach. The natural ingredients used in the store further enhances the taste of the drink. The ones available in their online store are also replete with natural ingredients, and you can choose from various flavors while ordering.

You can easily prepare this drink by mixing evaporated milk or condensed milk along with coconut cream in a bowl. This coconut cream creates the thick consistency and texture of the drink. The drink is generally of beige or off-white color, and the addition of rum determines the color. Next, cinnamon or ginger is added for a dash of flavors. Some add nutmeg as well. If you prefer a thicker consistency, you can squeeze a few drops of lemon. Finally, the dark rum adds the final flavor balancing the sweet taste. It is advisable to allow the mixture to sit for few minutes to allow all the ingredients to release the flavors. In the end, you can transfer the dink to bootles using funnels. These drinks are easy to store as well. If you keep them in your refrigerator without opening them, these can be stored for around two years. The alcohol in the drink acts as the preservative that makes it last longer.


The specialty of Haitian Kremas lies in the fact that the taste is unique and reminds you of the beautiful Haitian island, and you can easily avail these from online stores. For instance, if you get these from Saveurs Lakay, they will be delivered to our doorsteps. It is because they make an extra effort in packaging the products and delivering them. Moreover, the use of standard quality ingredients guarantees their excellent taste. So the best idea to get a taste of the Haitian way of living is by tasting their famous celebration drink Kremas that can turn all gatherings into memorable events.Finally, you can learn how to make cremas via this Haiti Open Magazine Haitian Kremas recipe.