What is the Salary Prospect of a UI/UX Designer? 

If you enjoy research, analytical thinking, visual design, and the psychology of human-computer interaction, as well as a basic understanding of technical abilities such as mobile/website design, UI/UX design is the career for you. We’ve covered the basics of UI/UX as a career option in this article, including what it is, career scopes in UI/UX, what UI/UX designers do, how to become a UI/UX designer, and UI/UX employment and wages.

What is UI/UX Design?

The terms user experience and user interface are often used very interchangeably. However, in actuality, they are very different. UI design is a part of the UX process. 

In UI Design, UI stands for “User Interface”. The user interface of a website or mobile application is the graphical layout. It includes the text they read, the buttons that users press, the graphics, sliders, text entry boxes, and all other objects with which the user interacts. Screen layout, transitions, interface animations, and every single micro-interaction are all included. UI Design encompasses any visual feature, interaction, or animation found in a web/app layout. Here you can see how can you become a UI/UX designer.

In UX Design, UX stands for “User Experience”. The way a user interacts with a website or mobile app determines their experience. Is the experience easy to navigate and intuitive? Does it feel rational or random to navigate the website or app? Does engaging with the interface make users feel like they’re efficiently doing the activities they set out to complete. How easy or difficult it is to engage with the elements of the user interface that the UI designers have built determines the user experience. UX Designers are in charge of performing research and finding out how to solve the user’s challenges while engaging with the interface, whilst UI Designers are in charge of developing interfaces utilizing some tools.


“What is the scope of UI/UX Designing in India?” someone could question. The easiest response is “MASSIVE.” Prior to 2013, India’s digital presence was not particularly aggressive. However, things have altered dramatically in the previous five years. In today’s digital environment, a brand that isn’t present on the internet is effectively invisible to customers. What becomes the brand’s face when it’s on the web? It’s a mobile app or a website. As a result, the app or website will operate as a physical representation of the brand, forming connections between the consumer and the company. Additionally, a positive user experience is critical. Therefore, UI/UX specialists have a lot of opportunities in this industry. In fact, the UX industry was ranked sixth among the “Top 25 highest-paying entry-level jobs” by Glassdoor.

Important Skills Required

  • Understanding of what a business wants from a design Visualization is excellent.
  • Excellent knowledge of key wireframing and graphics design tools
  • A keen sense of observation
  • Ability to think like a user and analyze the design
  • Analytical abilities Basic programming abilities are advantageous but not required.
  • UI/UX design courses are available from a variety of institutes across the country.

Salary Prospect of UI/UX Designers 

UX is one of the most in-demand positions worldwide, particularly in India. However, people interested in getting into this field should be concerned about which cities in India offer the most UX jobs, which organizations pay the most, what tools/skills employers seek, and so on. UxGorilla conducted a study and the following are the findings, which were based on more than 90 firms and data acquired from more than 200 job postings: The total dataset’s average pay is INR 15.5 LPA. Google specified the highest salary range as INR 33–37 LPA. Currently, Gurgaon, Bengaluru, and Pune are the leading cities for UI/UX job creation. Hence, this young generation is joining this industry and the UI UX designing course in Kolkata is acting as a bridge.