What is The Role of Impact Assessment? How Many Types of Impact assessment?

Before we learn the role of impact assessment and how many types of crime impact Assessments there are, we need to first understand what an impact assessment means. 

What is Impact Assessment?

An impact assessment is a research-based project which deals with the contribution of research to the economy, society, environment culture and academic spheres of life. 

This word is way too broad and depends on the type of field you are related.  Your impact assessment would be different for the different fields you are dealing with. The whole process involves a range of steps to be carried out. From planning an impact assessment in a field operation to data collection and considering various indicators, the whole procedure is carried out by a wealth of experience and practicality.  Depending on the type of impact assessment that you are carrying out, you will learn what kind of data to gather and what kind of indicators you are receiving. 

It could be said that an impact assessment process is a process that identifies, predicts, and evaluates the ecological, health, social, and economic consequences of building plans before approving them. For instance mining procedures, or building a certain construction site or lodging luggage onto a ship etc.  It is a way of judging the effectiveness of development proposals. 

Many people link it to environmental impact assessment. But the word ‘impact assessment’ does not strictly hold to only environmental impact assessment. Rather any procedure that you are going to carry out, evaluating it before carrying it out is impact assessment.

Types of Impact Assessment

Your research object  determines the type of impact you are going to calculate.  But it can be wisely said that your objectives might be only to contribute to a particular field of life, while the impact could be widespread across other spheres of life as well. For instance, you want to commit to academic research and the impact you may think be only related to academics. However, the research you hand over may then further prove beneficial to the level of society or culture. 

The various types of impact assessment include

Academic Impact

The evident impact of extremely good social and economic research on changing comprehension and progressing scientific method, theory, and implementation across and within-subject areas is said to be an academic impact. 

Economic Impact

It could mean direct economic impact or induced economic impact. The overall word economic impact s the output of these two. The various steps included and different policies introduced within an organization’s outlook and the total output or profit it generates through these are economic impacts. Any research which sheds light on these aspects of the economy, be it of a country or an institution is an economic impact. 

Social Impact

Social impact is the outstanding contribution of social research on society, individuals, or organizations. 

Policy Impact

The different influences on how policymakers perform and how guidelines are developed form part of the policy impact. Research with such objectives will collect data and analyze it for bringing into attention the indicators that help bring about a change in policy. . Government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), charities, and public sector organizations, as well as society as a whole or groups of individuals in society, maybe recipients of this impact.

Environmental Impact Assessment

This assessment determines the impact of any building or construction, its viability, fuel consumption and energy sustenance in its developing plan.

The Role of Impact Assessment 

Research impact is an important process in a number of fields and for the same reasons. One can expect to spend less and regulate the costs due to pre-analysis of a certain process. For example; you are to load luggage on to a ship. You run impact research on the ship, you realize that the ship is damaged and can sink in the water any moment. You would then not load your luggage onto that ship. This helps you reduce the costs. Similarly, if building impact indicators are too negative, you would not be building at the cost of anything knowing that you would bring in a loss. 

If we take into consideration the environmental assessment impact, we will understand how our research help save our environment.  Today, people are more ecologically aware than ever. They want their buildings to be environmental-friendly and their products cruelty-free.  Therefore as someone who is to carry out thorough research, the factors will automatically come forth and huge advances in a project would be prevented, conserving the environment. This will automatically build your firms’ reputation.  Similarly, if your products are always damaged in transit, you need to make them more secure. For the first time, the customers may cooperate but repeated mishaps would not spare you from being violently criticized and your customers being fed up with your services. 

Perhaps, the most important purpose of research impact is that it glues you to your objectives. You are able to distinguish your audience and the people who would benefit from it directly.  Furthermore, many people donate to academic and research funds. Knowing the impact and the target of the impact audience, the donors would know thoroughly where their donations are going. Additionally, you will also be able to show the contents of your research clearly to them and you would be able to earn the trust of the donors. 

Furthermore, carrying out impact research requires you to take into consideration the employees and direct participants of the field. This means that you are going to take suggestions from the people directly involved in a procedure. These people are the ones with a wealth of experience. A builder working for twenty years would know better what kind of construction material would best suit the overall budget of the building and what would damage the quality of construction than a person who just joined the industry recently. Thus, this lifts the morale of the worker, knowing that their experience has been taken into consideration for a study, while the newcomers are benefited from it and pay more attention to their work.


Impact assessment is important even in your general life. It helps you make your decisions more thoroughly and assists you in evaluating the consequences of your decision.