What is the Right Way to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchens are an important part of our house and keeping it clean and organized is our priority. Then the biggest question is how to keep your kitchen neat and attractive? For keeping a beautiful kitchen, you have to clean as well as renovate it regularly. We use the kitchen for cooking food, but the oil fume and stickiness spoils the paint and furniture of the kitchen gets deteriorated after some time due to the oily steam. But it can be expensive if you plan to change furniture again and again, so it is necessary to paint the kitchen cabinets from time to time.

Most people hire a painter or workers for painting. But Painting kitchen cabinets is not any rocket science. You can easily paint it by yourself, and you don’t need workers or painters for it. This article will narrate to you how to paint kitchen cabinets by yourself.

How to paint your Kitchen Cabinets from yourself

Below are a few steps to paint your kitchen cabinets. You can easily paint by following these steps.


First of all, collect all the materials required for painting. For example, you rubber gloves, paint, tri-sodium phosphate degreaser, paintbrush, foam roller or sprayer glaze, etc.


Choose the best material and paint for the best results.


  • Remove all the contents of your kitchen entirely so that it does not get dirty. Take out cabinet drawers, doors, and hardware bolts and place them in a plastic bag. Store the plastic bags inside the commensurate cabinet, then put a number inside of the cabinet, and on the door in this way, you can quickly locate screws and bolt after painting.
  • Then wear gloves and clean your kitchen cabinets by tri-sodium phosphate degreaser or any other solution. But most of the people use tri-sodium phosphate to clean appropriately. Spray the solution all over the cabinet surface. Then after a few minutes, rinse the cabinet with a clean towel. Clean all the cabinet properly for getting the best result.
  • After cleaning the cabinets properly, you have to sand them using a sander for flat surface or sanding punch for edges. After sometime, remove all the dust with a vacuum cleaner or an air compressor. After that, take one final look and make sure that all the cabinets are properly cleaned.
  • After cleaning and sanding your cabinets, you are pretty much ready to paint. But do not forget to apply primers. Primers are critical for better finishing. If you want good finishing, then do not forget primers, and it helps the paint to hold the cabinet. Typically, primers are very cold, so it can take more time to dry.
  • Before applying paint, make sure that the primer is completely dry, and after that  you can start applying paint on your cabinets. You can use a brush or roller for painting. Start by painting inside edges and then go for painting of the outside edges of your kitchen cabinets that allow you to work faster and easier.
  • Then put the cabinet door on a stand and start painting your door’s front side. When the front side is dry, then flip the door and start painting on the backside. After that paint, the apply paint on the edges of the cabinet door and make sure that you have covered all the areas. Once it is scorched, clean it with a smooth towel or sanding punch.

Repeat this process until you get a finished look.


So, this is the right and simple way to paint your kitchen cabinets. Let’s take a small look how to start the job.

  1. Collect necessary martial and remove all the contents from your kitchen
  2. Clean your kitchen cabinet with tri-sodium phosphate degreaser
  3. Sand your cabinets
  4. Apply primer for better finishing
  5. Then start painting your kitchen cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets

Anyone can easily paint their kitchen cabinets by following these steps. You don’t need a painter or worker to hire. I hope you can easily paint your cabinets now. Thanks for reading the article until the end.


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