What is the Right Time to Change Car Tyres?

Car tyres are crucial components of a vehicle that assures safe driving. They need care more than any other car parts. Besides the maintenance, they should be thoroughly checked for wear and tear or damage in order to know the best time to replace them.

Tyres are available in different types to suit the different weather or road conditions your car drives in. It becomes easy to ride on even on difficult terrains if you have the right Michelin Tyres Leeds fitted into your car conforming to the changing seasons.

Why is it important to change a car tyre?

Buying the right tyre is not enough as you should know the right time to replace them when the time comes. Ignoring the faults in the tyres and continue to drive with them can cause major road trouble. Such uncertain accidents can be avoided provided you keep a check on the tyre condition and change them when required. To assure that you are safe while driving, you should keep track of your tyre health and find out the best time to replace them with new Tyres Leeds.

Here is how to find out the right time to change car tyres.

Tyre age- Before you check for any signs of damage, know the tyre age first. Ageing tyres is one of the main factors for determining if you need to change the tyres. Age of the tyre is not just about how old they actually are but is based on other factors such as the distance covered by them, road conditions they gain exposure to, whether they were properly maintained, and a lot more. Ageing is an inevitable process that all types of tyres go through, therefore, know the tyre age to find out the right time to replace it.

Tread depth- The tread depth of the car tyres has to be perfect to provide better traction. Ideally, the tread depth of the car tyre should not be less than 1.6 mm. The tread depth is affected by the distance travelled and the kind of road conditions that tyres deal with.

Weird noise- If the tyres are making a strange noise or vibrating while driving, it is a sign you need to change them. Moreover, when there are excessive vibrations or sounds made by the tyres even when driving on smooth roads, you have to change them immediately.

Bulging tyres- Tyre bulging happens when the tyres are faced with unknown obstacles such as a pothole, bumps, debris, etc. This bulge happens mainly when there is damage to the tyre casing. If you do not get the bulging tyre replaced, soon you have to deal with a blown-out tyre.

Sidewall cracks- Look for cracks on the sidewalls of the car tyre, especially when you drive a lot on difficult terrains and bad road conditions. The exposure of tyres to bad road conditions negatively impacts the rubber of the tyres. This leads to cracks and blisters on the tyre sidewalls, which means the time for changing the car tyres has come.

These factors decide the extent of wear and the damage your vehicle goes through. Not keeping a check on these facets impacts the Tyres Online Leeds traction and makes the tyres vulnerable to sudden blowouts.