What is the purpose of compare and contrast essay?

Have you ever seen students searching for “Cheap Essay Writing Services UK or US-based”? well, that’s a common thing because essay writing tasks sometimes lead to a very harsh condition especially when students are assigned a compare and contrast essay. However, they can’t even take it lightly because of many reasons.

What is compare and contrast essay

  • A type of essay that examines two or more topics comparing their similarities and dissimilarities which is being assigned in the middle or high school
  • It teaches students about the analytical writing process. It also helps students to learn the advanced level of academic writing.

Purpose of compare and contrast essay

The name itself suggests there should be a comparison. it means there should be more than one subject so it could be compared. Its purpose is to provide the points of comparison between multiple subjects. It means thesis statement, topic sentences, and every other detail must cover all of your subjects.  

Compare and contrast essays also help students to enhance a variety of skills, such as:

Improve critical thinking

Mostly every essay requires critical thinking skills while writing, but compare and contrast essay is based on your critical thinking. It requires huge critical thinking to make it a good essay.

Enables you to determine the right and wrong information

Compare and contrast essays always require comparison between multiple subjects in which you need to provide all the information about all subjects. Therefore, this comparison between subjects enables you to distinguish whether the information is relevant or not.

It teaches about the analytical writing process

In compare and contrast essay, comparison in writing describes the details about the elements that is similar, while contrast described the elements that are not similar or different. Then, analyze both subjects by comparing, contrasting or both.

Strengthens student’s memories

It enables students to be more focused and enable them to analyze the content. In this way, students’ memory will be strengthened.

It increases the student comprehension

While writing compare and contrast essays students need to note down all the necessary and unnecessary information, making more ideas. Such type of strategy always students to improve comprehension.

Improve student’s writing

As discussed above, compare and contrast essay is an essay through which students can improve their academic writing because it provides a simple structure that helps students to organize all the data in a well-manner and allow students to develop more and more ideas.

The above necessities of compare and contrast essay describe how much it is important for the students. 

Therefore, it is very important to know how to write a well-structured compare and contrast essay because most students are even aware of its importance, but due to not having enough information of writing they search “Buy Compare and Contrast Essay UK or US-based”. Therefore, here are some ways through which students can write compare and contrast essays on their own.

How to write compare and essay

Here are some ways through which students can easily write compare and contrast essay.

Begin by brainstorming

After successfully choosing a topic, you need to brainstorm before starting writing in which you need to write down some of the important points of your topic on which you can do some research. It will save a lot of your and you would be able to do research efficiently.

Make a thesis statement

A thesis statement is a medium to reach your essay which will be created. (Professionalessayservice, 2019) Once you have noted down all the important points, then you will have to understand the relationship between your subjects, their similarities, dissimilarities, etc. in this way, you can create your thesis statement.

Write the introduction

Almost every time, a good introductory paragraph will make your entire essay good because this is the main section that will be focused more by the reader that contains:

  • Background information
  • A brief discussion of both subjects
  • A statement that captures the central statement

Make body paragraphs

This is also the important section of compare and contrast essay because it contains all the information about your subjects. In this section, you need to tell the relationship between your subjects.


To make an essay great, make a great introduction and conclusion section. In terms of compare and contrast essay, you need to prove how your subjects are similar and different by giving brief information on both. Make sure not to contain any new information, try to summarize the information that you have already discussed in the paper.


Well, completion of an essay does not mean you just have to write it, but it also contains a proofread section which means after done with the writing process, you have to proofread it carefully. It will help you to recognize all the mistakes you have done in your paper.

Final thoughts

Well, essay writing is a difficult task, yet important because it does not only help to improve marks, but it also helps to enhance the variety of skills as discussed above. Furthermore, this article will help you to get enough information about the compare and contrast essay.


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