What is the Purpose of CDN in OTT Video Streaming?

How long would a viewer wait for your content to load on his or her device? They won’t even wait for any longer than three seconds. A delay in content loading or latency is one of the biggest reasons why you would lose your streaming service users. 

There can be many reasons why your content takes too long to load such as the faraway location of a user, unbearable traffic on a page and others. 

To resolve the issue of delayed or low-quality content delivery, channel playout services provide support with CDN or Content Delivery Network. 

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a connected collection of servers that stay geographically distributed. The job of a CDN is to deliver content without any delay. It helps to cover the long physical distances between the source of content delivery and its multiple users. With the correct placement of CDN networks, you can cover the whole world with high-quality content distributed with no latency issue. 

Why CDN makes a huge difference in OTT streaming?


  1. Higher level of performance

In multi channel playout, performance assurance is a necessity, which you gain with smartly placed and well-managed CDNs. Your videos stay closer to all your viewers, no matter their location of accessing them. This reduced physical distance decreases latency as well as the potential loss of data. As a result, the content loading speed achieves the standards desired by your viewers. 

In simple words, CDN ensures reduced buffering and improved streaming. So, if you want to scale up your user base to a wider market through multiple channels, using a reliable CDN would be a wise choice. 


  1. Increased presence

A CDN allows your content to stay present to all your users, no matter which geographical location they reside in. Smartly combined CDNs can easily handle stressful scenarios such as excessive traffic on your channels, network spikes, server failure, and many others. Multiple scattered servers receive a balanced distribution of network traffic and loads, which keeps the delivery network working flawlessly with no interference at all. 


  1. Top-notch security assurance

With more users, your network receives a higher volume of data. This increases the risks of digital breaches. So, you need capable servers to ensure information security. 

With a reliable OTT infrastructure partner, you can ensure top-level encryption and high authentication standards. Make sure you choose your partner wisely with proper evaluation of CDN security. 


  1. More loyal users

With high-quality content delivery with no latency issue, you make your users happy. This way, CDNs let you retain your users and attract new ones through word-of-mouth and other forms of marketing. 

For years, CDNs have been assuring the delivery of OTT videos and other formats of content in the digital world. So, this technology is essential for you to reach a wider area of the market. No buffering will occur to reduce the viewing experience of your audiences. Just make sure that you choose the right server infrastructure partner.