What is the purpose of a dedicated server?

The definition states that a dedicated server is a practical solution for systematizing databases and forming remote access to private/corporate content. Specialized companies provide this popular service to private customers and commercial firms. Topically, the client rents equipment located at the data center. The format is designed for experienced clients and requires systematic technical administration.

Solution benefits

A dedicated server is a full-fledged computer with an ample supply of RAM and computing power. It determines its primary purpose: a virtual resource with high attendance. Again, this requires unique settings, which a separate computer can provide. An additional plus of the format is the ability to choose a configuration that will cover a client’s needs. This type can be virtual – the customer receives a certain amount of space allocated on the physical hub.

The benefits of the solution include:

  • excellent productivity (significant for large-scale projects);
  • high traffic;
  • guarantee of high data security;
  • availability of additional resources needed to speed up workflows;
  • access to databases is maintained even if technical work is carried out;
  • customization of functionality for specific requirements.

Comparative characteristics

This format is often compared to shared hosting. Shared hosting can be available for multiple clients with different IP addresses. Allotted storage assumes that the rented place belongs to one person. It increases the security of the online resource, eliminating the possibility of data leakage. The choice in favor of a particular variety depends on the scale of the project, individual requests: the need to adapt the system, and the required disk area.


Determine cases it will be cost-effective. The primary orientation of the static module for storing databases is information platforms, stores with a large flow of visitors. Cloud hosting cannot cover mechanical requests. As a result – the spread of viruses and low protection against hacking. If content protection is a business priority, use the allocated module in the data center, even for a new site with a small flow of visitors. 1gbps server is the optimal solution for users. It will cover the needs:

  • construction bureau exhibiting project documentation for customers;
  • entertainment portals with millions of visitors;
  • cryptocurrency miners;
  • online stores with thousands of items.

Rules for choosing

Considering the offer, consider the basic aspects: the amount of allocated space/disk memory and processor power. Specify the location of data centers and the possibility of access without restrictions. Location is important considering the number of employees involved in a business and its focus. American and European entrepreneurs offer reliable but expensive modules. If you are interested in dedicated server 1gbps unmetered, Ukrainian provider VSYS host offers excellent platform technical indicators at a reasonable price – Their main advantages – are anonymous registration, acceptance of Bitcoins as payment, and bandwidth sharing. Use unshared symmetrical uplink without traffic limits!

A leading characteristic is the amount of allocated traffic. Top providers guarantee unlimited – significant for online platforms with a hefty monthly flow of visitors. Order an allotted server in an offshore hosting company that provides qualified, round-the-clock support. Find out what additional services are included in the package.

Pricing policy

The cost of renting space depends on the package of services included in the tariff. Cooperate with enterprises that will save money without sacrificing quality. A reliable provider should test the product for stability/security, providing customers with appropriate guarantees. Specialized firms offer buyers a loyalty program. Their goal – save money in the long run.Learn more about the rental conditions by contacting a hub’s technical support. Pay for the purchase through electronic payment systems. A complete list of available payment methods is listed in the corresponding category.

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