What is the Process to Avoid Popups on the Device?

While working, pop-ups are always bothersome. Whenever you are concentrating on work, these pop-ups appear and cause distractions. On your PC, you can get various notifications and pop-ups. Some of these pop-ups are useful whereas many of them are useless. If you want to use your computer peacefully, you can disable the popups. 

Disabling Chrome popups

Your browser often sends lots of notifications. If you don’t want to receive those notifications then disable them. 

  1. Open the Chrome browser
  2. Tap on the three dots and your Chrome menu will appear
  3. Check the panel on the left and choose Privacy and Security
  4. Scroll down and then hit on Site settings
  5. Choose Pop-ups and redirects options
  6. You will see a switch; toggle it to off
  7. After disabling the switch, you won’t receive any notifications from Chrome. 

Disable notifications from antivirus

Antivirus is necessary to protect the device from all threats. There are several types of threats that can harm the computer. Antivirus protects the device from those threats and allows you to work reliably. Whenever the antivirus detects any virus, it immediately sends you a notification. Your antivirus may send you several notifications per day. If these notifications are troubling you then disable them. 

How to stop Malwarebytes popups?

  1. Go to the computer and tap on the notification area
  2. Choose the Malwarebytes icon 
  3. Malwarebytes dashboard will appear
  4. Tap on the Settings option
  5. Select the Application tab and check the notify me option
  6. Toggle the switch to off
  7. Now go to the notifications option and toggle the switches to off

You can also check other tabs and their notification option. After disabling, you won’t receive the notification from your antivirus. However, don’t disable all the notifications. Several pop-ups are necessary for system security.

Do not open unsecured sites

Many times, you receive notifications while using unsecured sites. People often use these sites to watch movies or access some tools. You can watch movies or access tools on these sites for free. However, this can cause harm to your computer. While accessing these sites, you may have seen false pop-ups like your device is under virus attack. When you click on these pop-ups malware enters the system and causes much damage. Do not click on any pop-up while accessing unsecured sites. If you don’t want to receive those popups; don’t access third-party sites. Always open secured sites on your device.

Use a firewall

A firewall is a good tool to protect the device. While using the internet, you may get lots of unnecessary notifications. Many of these pop-ups are suspicious. To prevent those notifications, you can use a firewall. Your firewall will filter all your incoming traffic. After installing the firewall, you will only receive the essential pop-ups on the system. 

Update notifications

Your system sends a notification whenever a new update for the OS is available. Updating the OS is necessary to apply the fixed patches. When the update is available, you should install it. But when you can’t update the OS due to some reason, you can disable the notification. Otherwise, you will get the pop-up every time you open the system. 

  1. Open the settings page 
  2. Go to the Update & Security
  3. Click on Windows Update and hit on Advanced option
  4. Now scroll down and select the Update notifications option

Toggle the switch to Off. Now you won’t get the update and restart notification. Disabling update notifications is not a good practice. The best way to avoid the update notification is by installing it. Whenever the update notification appears, install the update and now you can work peacefully.

Use gaming mode

Gaming mode allows you to play games or perform tasks with higher experience. When you enable the gaming mode, many of the unnecessary background apps stop working. Due to this, your game or task gets more RAM cycles. When you play games on full screen; this mode immediately mutes all the notifications. You won’t get any pop-ups until you are working on full screen. Gaming mode is available on various devices. You can enable it and work peacefully. If you don’t have gaming mode then you can install it from the web and run it on your device.