What is the Minimum Amount of Running you Need to Stay Healthy

Have you seen those people who wake-up early in the morning for a walk to stay healthy and fit? They prepare themselves for a walk and you have noticed that those people are more happy, healthy, and successful than people who don’t walk. 

Too much running can be dangerous:

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Similarly running also has some side effects. If you have a goal to stay fit and healthy so there comes a point where running some extra miles does not make you healthy in any other meaningful way. Eventually there will be a stage where your health will decrease by running extra miles.

So you have to go to your fitness expert who will guide you about running time and duration according to your health and body requirements. In the modern world of science and technology you can use a time duration calculator that assists you to calculate time and duration among two dates or times, this tool might be helpful in managing your racing time.

The experts are not exactly agreeing:

There is conflict by the experts that made us so confused. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, doing moderate intensity aerobic activity for 30 minutes minimally five days of week is beneficial for your heart. 

The National institute of health makes things a bit complicated. According to them doing any exercise is better than doing nothing. NIH recommends that doing at least 150 minutes aerobic exercise per week is effective to get the major health benefits. They also prefer to do aerobic activities for 75 minutes in a week is also very effective as doing it for 150. The intensity of doing these activities does not matter. The duration of doing a workout should be 10 minutes at a time and should be spread in multiple days.

During your running period keep the time counter with yourself, it will assist you to calculate the running time and duration and it works best to manage your time to complete your assignments.

Trying to look good:

Dr. Tanvir, a general cardiologist said that the study of “Copenhagen” shows that people who are at normal weight, harder, faster, or doing frequent workout do not live a long life. It totally depends on your exercise goals. These sorts of exercises will help you to look but may be not enough for a long life.

If you have a goal to look good then it will take more time than a 20 minutes walk but you have to walk with-in the limits. Running without the limit can cause arrhythmia, orthopedic injuries, and coronary artery calcified plaque, a known indicator for the disease of the coronary artery.

Running reduces the risk of heart problems but too much running would be dangerous for you. Here, time calculator helps you to manage your running time according to the time duration requirements.

Benefits of running everyday:

Running daily has many benefits for your health. Experts say that running for 5 to 10 minutes daily is beneficial but at a beneficial speed: 

Decrease the risks of death from heart attack.

  • Cardiovascular disease risks are also decreased.
  • Slow down the risk of developing cancer.

These benefits can be achieved by running daily in a minimum amount. A group of researchers suggest running at least 2.5 hour per week or 30 minutes per day is effective to enjoy the maximum long term benefits.

Improved sleep and a good mood are included in other benefits of running. In a study researchers observed a group of healthy young people who ran 30 minutes at a normal speed for three weeks. They noticed that their sleep, mood, and the ability of concentration are proved better than non-runners.

Running early in the garden where plants and flowers give you the relaxing atmosphere. In the winters little amount of fog also enhances the beauty of the garden during running. This makes it a beautiful addition to a garden for the winter.

If you are running from the past two weeks and you don’t have any idea about your running time and duration then you can try a time calculator that allows you to calculate your time and duration. 


Running is a simple and convenient way to burn calories and helps to fight diseases. According to the studies it also extends your life duration. Exercising more than the normal routine may lead you to the injury and so you need a fitness expert that will guide you about how to do exercise according to your health and body requirements.