What is the Mayo Clinic Diet and is it good for people with HS?

If you are newly diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa, you are likely reeling somewhat, and feel like you have a weird combination of too much information, but then not enough! The fact that there is not a cure is something a lot of people focus on, but while there might not be a magic pill yet, stay positive and hopeful. There are different things you can do like adopting a healthier hidradenitis suppurativa diet that can help control symptoms along with the treatments your medical health team might suggest. But what counts as a diet for one person looks different for another so be prepared for a little work as you adjust. One option is to take an existing diet and adapt it to HS specific needs. Here we look at the Mayo Clinic Diet.

What is the Mayo Clinic Diet?

The purpose of this diet is weight loss and then maintaining a healthy weight when there. Since maintaining a healthy weight level is an important part of better managing flareups when you have HS, this is a good thing and part of the reason for needing a hidradenitis suppurativa diet. Dieters will have to make changes to what they eat, when they eat and change their lifestyle so you make better choices. The hard thing for all dieters is that you have to maintain good habits. You will consume more vegetables and fruits, eat more thoughtfully, and have 30 minutes of activity a day, eventually. Setting achievable goals and better handling the setbacks when they inevitably happen is also important.

Why people with HS choose to follow this diet

Reasons to follow this diet for people with HS and people in general include;

  1. It is a real diet designed by medical professionals, not a fad
  2. You learn to eat more real foods and less processed foods, which is important to reduce the symptoms in HS as well as for your general health
  3. You lead a healthier lifestyle and hopefully drop some or all of those bad habits you have
  4. You should enjoy what you are eating and you get unlimited fruits and vegetables, reducing meat consumption, also good for people with HS
  5. As well as helping with flare-ups it helps with other health issues that are often a part of your life like blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol problems
  6. You do not have to eliminate a group of foods unless you want to

Remember if you are choosing to start a Mayo Clinic/hidradenitis suppurativa diet to involve your doctor if you do have other health conditions.