What is the latest update on SEO?

Every year, Google comes with algorithm updates, which calls for the website holders also to adapt changes in practices. 

With every new update, it optimizes the search to give the user a quality experience of searching. But it’s a task for the SEO experts to analyze how it affects the ranking.

As a product, Google plans to give the user a smooth experience. At the same time, the concern of SEO Dubai professionals’ is a piece of a headache to sustain in the market by giving good quality of content and experience to the users by increasing its chances of visibility. 

The updates!

  1. No more Keywords!

Google no longer views the keywords; this impact seen on those who were ranking high focusing on the keyword as they are no longer in top position. But those who had quality content are rising. So, now you get the point that they are looking at enormous pieces of the content rather than concentrating on the keyword like how it used to. 

  1. Featured Snippets!

Now that they have started taking user inputs as feedback in the featured snippet. And all of them want to rank higher to come on the featured snippet. The position of the snippet is volatile, and not only one website that is on the snippet may be there for days later as there is always a variation in this trend.

There are two types of snippets, and namely, Rich snippet and Featured snippets. 

Rich snippets, along with the header and description even show images, review details with the stars, and the prices to give users more information, but they will have fewer CTR improvements. Whiles, on the other hand, the featured snippet is visible and has a high CTR value.

  1. Zero click searches!

For all the users who are looking for quick answers, it is most beneficial to them where they need not click to view for an answer but get the information on the SERP itself. It is one of the updates but got nothing to worry upon as it is for the users who need a straight answer, and they do not have an impact of conversions to your website in any way.

  1. Intent research!

 It was back then ranking only mattered to win the brains of web crawlers but now if you are ranking without intent, then you are likely to see yourself down in SERP. Well, that’s something you don’t need to experience. Use Rank Tool to understand what is the intent of the user for a keyword used and write the content with that intent in mind. Google has expertise in implementing mechanisms such as neural matching used for knowing the meaning of what a query does. Second one being, Rank Brain which uses the data of a user to adjust the search engine results page. Thirdly, BERT is used to interpret the structure for a better understanding of the usage of the keyword. It calls for thoroughly understanding each of the three algorithms. 

  1. Brand awareness!

Building a brand and giving awareness to people about the same is crucial to let users know that you are in the market too. The brand with the link provides more information than the one without a link. To promote your brand, there are plenty of platforms eagerly waiting for your updates that show the number of people interested in your services. Being active here becomes necessary too.


Along with Google if we intend to give our clients a better experience then adapting the practices with the change in trends can bring in ore on our plates. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be recognized in the market if one has seen the difference in the local SEO where a website is not enough but to have a Google business account to give users better results. So, concluding that with the updates, one must change the practices in the digital market too.

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