What is the Japan Rakuten

Rakuten is a tech company that provides electronic solutions and online retailing in Japan and internationally. It is one of the largest online retailers based in Tokyo, Japan.  The company is often referred to as “the Japan Amazon.” Besides that, it specializes in financial services and internet services.

Internet services involve enterprises with several eCommerce sites like portal sites, e-books, advertising business, content sales, travel booking sites, and Rakuten Ichiba, an internet shopping mall.

Internet finance offers services like life insurance, credit cards, electronic money, banking, and security. This segment includes internet banking, comprehensive online insurance, online brokerage, and credit card payment, online or face-to-face life insurance.

The last sector is providing communication services like telecommunications, mobile data communication (next-generation LTE- compatible), professional baseball team management, and corporate phone services.

How to buy on Japan Rakuten

Rakuten closed the global market on 1st June 2020. It chose to close in order to strengthen the local market in Japan and improve the domestic services.

Therefore, the goods are not shipped internationally directly from Rakuten like many other Japanese stores. Don’t worry, here is a solution for you.

The easiest way to buy items on the platform is through a proxy shopping service. This is a service that acts as an intermediary by purchasing your goods, receive them, and ships internationally to your address. You will get any item sent to your address at a small fee. Moreover, it saves you time from pestering your loved ones who are living in Japan to get items on your behalf.

Ebuy- Japanese online platform

Ebuy has spent several years sending items to customers living across the world from different Japanese sellers, including Rakuten products. It is a large Japanese online platform that acts as an intermediary between the buyer and Japanese retailers. For this reason, it helps you to purchase goods, receive and ship across the world.

Why choose Ebuy? 

  • Buy on large platforms in Japans

Besides Rakuten, other website commodity sources are Suruga-ya, Mercari, and  Japan yahoo. You will find a wide range of goods from popular brands, audio equipment, cameras, tea props, and antiques.

  • High quality

The company cooperates with authentic sellers. For instance, Rakuten has a protection program to protect customers from counterfeit items.

  • Secure payment service

Ebuy works together with verified 3rd party companies to give customers automatic foreign exchange. This guarantees fast and secure payment.

  • Safe storage service

This is an essential part of product sales and customer satisfaction. The warehouse operators have more than three years of experience, including packaging and delivery staff. In addition, they are trained for three months prior to working. After the training, they are given certificates to ensure quality services.

  • Friendly customer service

Operation centers are situated in Japan and China. The department is ready to help clients by answering questions. Also, there are services like translation, warehousing, and logistics consultation, before and after-sales consultation.

  • Low prices

The shipping prices are reasonable and affordable. This allows you to ship a large number of items.

  • Efficient

It uses an advanced system to help users when bidding on products hence saves time and prevent frustrations.

It is simple to use Ebuy, have funds in your account, pay for the goods you want, pay for overseas shipping, and wait for delivery.