What is the Importance of Nutraceutical Testing for Cannabis Products?

Over the past several years, marijuana has become legalized in several states. Most companies and industries are known for providing you the best cannabis products. This includes capsules, balm, lotions, CBD oil, etc. 


Nowadays, cannabis is used for several purposes- medical or recreational. 50% of individuals only used it for medical purposes. According to doctor’s cannabis contains psychoactive ingredients that are beneficial for treating several chronic pain and health diseases. But the Nutraceutical Testing of cannabis products is very necessary. It is a type of testing which is also known as third-party lab testing. Through this test you can easily analyze the identification, purity and microbial of the particular cannabis strains. There are many laboratories available in the market that are known for providing you the best lab testing services for all cannabis products.  


Importance of nutraceutical testing for cannabis products:


1. Human Safety: 

The biggest reason for nutraceutical testing for cannabis products is human safety. It is because many people use cannabis products for medical healthcare benefits. And sometimes few bodies are unable to digest its dose. Regulatory agencies have started establishing maximum quantity limits for residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, and mycotoxins in cannabis test results. Through this, you can easily analyze the extraction process of a particular product as well as for which type of person this product is good for inhaling. 


2. Cannabis Potency:

Another reason for testing cannabis products is that to identify the level of potency. Yes, the cannabis potency test is very necessary because it allows for cannabis products to have labeling that states. Its potency depends upon its growing and cultivating process. During the testing process, you can easily analyze the product to determine chemical makeup or a genuinely cultivating from Sativa plant. When you can know the total cannabinoids present, and a ratio of the THC to CBD, you can easily purchase the product of your choice without any problem. 


3. Analyze the standard of pesticide:

For getting the best medical health benefits to form cannabis products, knowing its extraction method is very necessary. It is because many growers, especially of a commercial level, use different types of pesticide and rodenticides during the grow cycle. Sometimes, these pesticides are very harmful and negatively impact on consumption. In this test, you can find which type of pesticide is used during the growing process and is harmful to the health of the consumer.


4. Extraction or contamination process of cannabis products:

Cannabis has a similar growth process like any other plant. Before reaching the hands of a customer there is a whole complete process from cultivating to processing. In this process of testing, There are 3 major contaminants that labs will look for. This includes Chemicals, microbial contaminants, and physical contaminants. 


Here are three contamination process are described below:


1. Chemicals harvesting:

When growers grow cannabis strains for cultivating it, there is n number of chemicals composed of a plant. And some of these pesticides are very harmful for human ingestion. During this test, lab professionals identify certain pesticides are being used for growing. 


2. Microbial Contaminants:

It is also called non-intended microbes such as bacteria, yeast, mold, fungi, virus, prions, protozoa or their toxins and by-products. But all these microbes are very harmful to humans. With this testing process, professionals determine the presence of bacteria in cannabis products. 


3. Physical Contaminants and Heavy Metals:

This is done during cannabis poor packing. Physical and heavy metal contamination includes dust and dirt, lead and murky respectively.


Cannabis testing methods are done by third-party independent laboratories:


# 1 Analytical Chromatography (GC): 

This test is done to analyse what exactly is in a cannabis product. This will help to give you accurate results of the product. 


# 2 Mass Spectrometry (MS):

This process is done to measure molecules and chemicals. In this process, cannabis product sample compounds in the magnetic field to get the perfect deflection rate.


# 3 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR):

In which professionals find that the solvents present in cannabis. This process gives you proper results about the potency level of products including THC and CBD.