What is the importance of child education?

Having access to good education is a blessing. Good education means good self-esteem, better career potentials, improved mental and physical health, and a decent awareness of the. Education changes the perspective of the person about life, humanity, existence, human rights, vaguely every perspective of existence.

A good education system is the most vital part of a child’s growth. It opens doors to different opportunities that are impossible to imagine without education. Kids nowadays are hosting science shows, memorizing Periodic tables and galaxies.

This era is definitely of smart children. Gone are the times when being a kid was all about playing. There are different types of educational courses ranging from religious, scientific, languages, music, art, and many more different kinds.

For a brilliant, strong, prospering community and for our kids to thrive in this modern society, we need to educate our children. Education teaches different languages and words from Vivek meaning to Geena meaning.

During the initial years of life, children’s brains are rapidly growing and learning new things quickly. For young brain learning, new things are very easy. 

The main reason for early education is to build a strong base for the students to build upon for all of their lives.

The process of learning never stops, we start by learning our very first word, and we keep on learning new things and stuff till our last days. If you’re looking for Vivek’s meaning, then it is a Hindi or Sanskrit origin name that means wisdom. For this society, an uneducated child is like an outsider. They will never be able to thrive in this society. 

Basic education that is compulsory for existing and prosperous rious life in this world is as follows.


One needs to learn languages for better communication skills and a better understanding of words and what they mean. English, Urdu, Hindi are few languages of different South Asian countries. you need to learn how to write your name and everything else so that you can do your taxes, bills, and job, etc. If I ask an uneducated person the meaning of a very common name, he’ll fail but if I ask an educated child, what is Vivek meaning? He/she will surely answer with words like wisdom, knowledge, etc.


Counting is a few of the basic yet most important life need. Learning good mathematics skills can ensure a good future career.

Religious education:

The education about God, His existence, Him being The Creator of life, and everything. Life after death and worship of God is all taught in religious learning.


Science is the backbone of modern society. From a cell to atom and from sand to a diode, from a wheel to a space shuttle. Everything comes under science.


Earth, its elements, structures,  surfaces, mountains, deserts, seas to forests.

Languages of the world:

Different languages and being able to do translations are as important as any other factor to learn in this society. Taking an earlier example of What is Vivek meaning?

Vivek’s meaning in Urdu is “AQALMAND, faiq” in English it means “wisdom “.

Computer and IT:

Different kinds of courses are offered from a very young age to learn programming languages for kids.

At a very young age in most of the schools, We start with Counting, English alphabets, Colors

, Shape, Animals, and different things around us. This makes sure that At a very young age of just 4 or five years, an educated child can easily tell difference between colors shapes animals, and parts of the body. A well-educated kid will be able to call numbers from one to a minimum hundred, he or she will be able to differentiate between currencies and also to write the name of his parents, siblings, and his own and much basic stuff like that.

Are you looking for Indian boy names and what they mean? Vivek is a good Indian boy name and Vivek meaning is knowledge or wisdom. A good name indeed.

Few things that education teaches us are as follows

1. Education teaches the Difference between good and evil.

An only educated person can differentiate between good and evil starting from Being kind, patient, taking care of others, respect of others.

 2. Behaviour:

 Education and good brought up help setting behaving patterns for kids. It teaches kids how to greet someone, how to help anyone, how to take care of someone in need, how to react to certain situations.

3: Character building 

A good education helps in building remarkable character. Life is all about good character and a human is known by his attitude. One can buy all the luxuries with money but the character is the only thing that comes from a good education.

Name meanings are available all over the Internet, Vivek meaning is Wisdom, it is an Indian male name