What Is the Guest Post and What Are Its Advantages In 2020

When it comes to guest posts it’s always about link building . Making guest post or guest blogging means writing and publishing articles for someone else’s website with a very specific purpose: receiving a backlink is traffic . Guest blogging is a key element of an effective off-page SEO strategy.


How to find websites that are willing to publish guest posts


There are many search operators to find new guest posting opportunities,  some of them are:

  1. “Keyword” + “guest post”
  2. “Keyword” “write for us”
  3. title: guest post
  4. title: guest blog
  5. title: write for us

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Should you choose a random blog to publish a post? NO! This is a mistake not to be made because it wastes your time, money and effort. To make your strategy effective, you need to carefully select relevant and high-quality websites. The best way to get started is to create an Excel sheet and create a list of websites that you consider. Your guest post should only be published on niche websites similar to yours, otherwise it would not be effective from an SEO NYC or traffic point of view.


Where NOT to publish guest posts


Google itself provides a list of backlinks that are no longer effective:

All links created to manipulate the PageRank or ranking of a site in Google’s search results could be considered part of a link scheme and therefore a violation of Google’s Webmaster Instructions. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site or outbound links from your site.




Buying or selling links to increase PageRank. This includes exchanging money in relation to links or posts that contain links, exchanging goods or services in relation to links or sending someone a “free” product in exchange for a positive review and the inclusion of a link.

Article marketing or guest article publishing campaigns on a large scale with anchor text full of keywords.

Google itself says :

The best way to encourage the inclusion in other sites of quality and relevant links to yours is to create unique and peculiar contents, able to naturally acquire popularity in the Internet community. Creating good content pays: links are usually editorial votes given by choice and the greater the usefulness of your content, the more likely it is that another user will consider them valid for their readers and insert a link to them.


Type of backlink that you can receive with guest blogging


  1. It is obvious that the most important link is the “follow” link , they are the most useful type of link for SEO purposes, since they are able to transfer value (link juice) to the linked site because it is seen as quality feedback;
  2. “Nofollow” – indicates to search engines not to transfer value (link juice) to the linked site;
  3. Sponsored – links that constitute advertising or paid links;
  4. “Ugc” – an attribute that allows you to mark user-generated content links with the abbreviation “user generated content”;

In 2020 there is certainly still value in acquiring a link from a high quality site and authority in your niche with the use of guest posting but many sites offer only nofollow links and it means that your efforts have to be planned very well before I start writing for others.


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