What is the first step in SEO in digital marketing

Before one begins proper SEO project, it is significant to understand the overall process which is involved in effective SEO campaign. We all aware of the fact that SEO is a sub part of the digital marketing. In this piece of writing we will be talking about several steps involved in SEO process. 

  1. Research: 
    • Keyword search: This includes the phrases or words that will be used to optimize a business site. This step is significant and requires enough time to find the relevant phrases offering balanced combination of two factors i.e. high searches usage and low competition in the search engines.
    • Competitive research: Once well equipped with the target keywords, competitive analysis is done against the sites of 7 to 10 biggest competitors.   
  1. Goal setting and reporting: After you have established the keyword phrases and analyzed the competitor’s site; now is the time to understand the starting position of the subject site within the search engines. It ensures that one is well aware of the particular area providing baseline against the successful campaign. One of the significant aspects in this regards is to have access to site traffic. It enables one to see how consumers are searching and interacting, what keywords are they using, what is the most popular content etc. All this allows one to set goals for the overall SEO plans. 
  1. Content building: King of SEO is content. The search engines are focused on text, high quality content that is relevant to one’s business. It serves in couple of ways. First, the site is loaded with high quality content of the internet users to have a reason to stay and come back again. Secondly, you as a business owner will have added benefit of serving what a search engine wants. 
  1. Page optimization: Underlined are basics of page optimization:
  1. Page titles: Make sure titles are other than the business name
  2. Prominence of keyword phrases: Prominence to the keywords affects the search engine placement  
  3. Site map: All the pages must be indexed
  4. Technical SEO: These include the site security, site speed, and mobile responsiveness
  1. Social media: Online sharing via social media provides several opportunities to the companies willing to use the said. This phase allows the business to establish social media presence by using social media profiles to share the content on the site as well as to connect customers and potential customers.
  1. Reporting and analysis: It is kind of reporting that is done during the initial phase of the campaign is carried out at regular intervals as well as post optimization. 

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