What Is the Difference Between Vertical Blinds and Roller Blinds?

Here’s what you need to know about both types of blinds


These blinds have horizontal top units attached above the windows. And below them, blinds/vanes/slats hang. To operate the vertical blind, you just have to pull a string/cord (connected to the upper unit) to rotate the slat if you want to fully open or close it, or partially open it. To date, these blinds are the fastest and easiest to operate and are the most effective window covering blinds when it comes to operating.

Its purpose:

Vertical blinds work through the reflection of solar heat. They minimize the rate and amount of heat that passes through the office windows. In fact, it has been suggested that these blinds are the most cost-effective way to prevent direct solar heat from entering the room and also help reduce the cost of air conditioning.

Used Materials:

Vertical blinds are made of different materials and in different designs. Some of the designs found on the market include PVC grilles, solid, perforated and textured patterns, as well as stitched fabrics. Plus, they come in different colors, a variety of controls, and valance options to choose from.


These blinds are manufactured primarily for installation on large windows, wide windows, or sliding glass doors. However, if they are lowered, they can also be installed to cover smaller windows.


These blinds are available in different densities, from opaque to translucent. However, this depends on the amount of light one needs to control. If you are looking for the best material to block UV light, vertical blinds made of PVC are undoubtedly your best option. They contain UV inhibitors to block sunlight and provide room darkening.


One of the advantages of using vertical blinds is that they allow minimal dust to accumulate on their surfaces. And, because of the little dust that is deposited on it, they are easily cleaned.


Like vertical blinds, roller blinds can be placed inside or outside the window opening. Most blinds are attached to aluminium tubes and chain pulleys for easier operation. You only need to pull the pulley to adjust the blind to the desired level.

Its purpose:

The roller blind helps block out glaring sunlight, prevents harmful UV light, and provides privacy. These blinds are becoming the most popular and preferred choice among Singapore residents as they not only collect less dust compared to vertical blinds and curtains but are also easier to clean as there is no need to pull the roller shutter to do so.


Unlike vertical blinds used on large windows and doors, blinds are designed to fit any size window.

Used material:

Some of the common materials used to make roller blinds include polyester, cotton, and vinyl. Each material is used in different rooms. Cotton roller blinds should be used in rooms with less chance of getting damp or wet. For roller blinds made of polyester, they can be placed in any room as they are more durable. Roller blinds made of vinyl material can be placed in bathrooms. This is because water cannot easily ruin them.


Roller blinds are cheaper compared to other blinds. Also, they come in different fabrics and designs for you to select from. They can also be customized to allow you to print your own design on the fabric; unlike vertical blinds.