What is the Difference Between Car Washing and Car Detailing: What You Need to Know

Car washing and car detailing are often used as exchangeable words. However, they are extremely different from each other in terms of services. So, as a car owner, you must understand the variance between these two phenomena. In this article, we will discuss car washing and car detailing thoroughly to know when to choose one service over the other for your car. 

Difference Between Car Washing and Car Detailing

At the core, car washing, and car detailing do accomplish a similar end objective. Both services get your car looking clean and ready for the road. Beyond that, the pricing, procedures, steps, and results vary by a large margin. A basic car wash cleans the day-to-day dirt and debris from your car within a couple of steps. While car detailing includes several in-depth steps to not only clean but recondition your car in the best state as well. Let’s discuss the steps included in the process of car washing and car detailing one by one: 

Steps typically included in car washing  

A car wash service cleans the exterior and interior of your vehicle. It is a soap and water cleanse that may also include additional services such as polishing, waxing, or vacuuming. Car washing is easy and quick, which is certainly a benefit over car detail. Most commonly, you can just drive through a car wash in a couple of minutes.

So, car washes are more practiced than car detail because it is a great option if you are in a hurry, or you are just a simple fast cleaner. You can also get mobile car wash services including interior exterior as they come to you and in even in different cities such as Winnipeg Canada. So you can also get interior car cleaning winnipeg services for yourself.

Here are some of the important steps included in a car wash:

Exterior cleanse: The exterior of the car will be cleaned with a soapy mixture and a high-pressure sprayer to get rid of build-up dirt. 

Washing the wheels: The tires and wheels will be cleaned with water and soap mixture. A brush is usually washed to rub off the dirt and grim off the tires. 

Drying the car: After the soapy wash, the car will be dried with the help of chamois, and towels. 

Vacuuming the interior: In the car wash, the interior is vacuumed to remove dirt from the floor and upholstery. 

Steps included in car detailing 

Car detailing is more of an in-depth version of the routine car wash. The vehicle is being examined both internally and externally to restore it to its finest condition. The process is not only merely focused on removing the dirt, but it also includes reconditioning or restoration of the car.

Throughout the process, highly trained professionals spend hours making sure every spec of debris or dust is cleaned out of your car. Car detailing is more time-consuming in comparison to the car wash as every part of the vehicle is being examined and cleaned. So you can also get a mobile car detailing in Brampton as they come to you and you can easily get your services.

Some of the common tasks included in car detailing are cleaning every nook and corner, polishing the windows, waxing the exterior, and shampooing the upholstery. Here are a few of the most critical steps included in the process of car detailing:

Interior cleaning:

The interior of your vehicle will be thoroughly vacuumed, wiped, and shampooed to clean up any sort of spills or stains. The main goal of this step is to make sure the interior of your car looks as new as possible. 

Exterior wax:

In the car wash, the exterior of the car is only washed and cleaned. But in car detailing once the car is squeaking clean, a coat of high-quality wax is applied to preserve the vehicle’s paint and make it look shiny. 

Windscreen repair:

A crooked or scratched windscreen will be fixed to make it look new and workable. 

Headlight reconditioning:

The cloudy or yellowed headlights will be fixed during a car detail. It will help in improving your visibility and clarity during driving. 

Engine cleanse:

The engine cleanse allows for wiping out the built-up grime, and debris to prevent any corrosion or rust. In this way, the engine will last much longer and will function better. 

The Final Takeaway  

Car washing and car detailing are two different concepts with distinct processes. Both car services have the main product which is to clean the car. However, car detailing is more of a thorough cleaning procedure to bring the car to its original condition. While a routine car wash can be good if you want a cheaper and quicker solution. While the car detailing service does have more benefits it will be worth the extra money and effort. 

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