What is the difference between a woven patch and an embroidered patch?

There is a fine line between a woven patch and an embroidered patch; however, to know this subtle difference, we need to define what is meant by woven patch and embroidered patch.

Woven vs Embroidered patches – you can use both interchangeably in textile industries. Industries can customize these patches according to your brand’s needs. You can make it into various shapes, sizes and colours. Like woven labels, these patches also serve for marketing. However, different patches are ideal for decorating your garments, clothing, bags and other accessories. 

So if you have a hard time choosing between woven vs embroidered patches, we will help you with this post.

These patches – are essential for businesses. So if you are moving with it, one thing is for sure – Go for it! It’s a smart business move.

What is an Embroidered Patch?

Embroidery is the art of designing your creativity into a fabric with fine detailing and an aesthetic look. For an embroidered patch, the thread used is thicker than the woven patch, giving it a denser look and a three-dimensional appearance. An embroidered patch has a classic texture and a traditional design made from different bright and light colours. An embroidered patch is popular among custom patches because of the 3D effect, long-lasting colours, shine and durability.

Embroidered patches are made using a backing technique with a wide variety of colourful threads. As embroidery always seems flawless with a combination of multiple colour threads, it is also be noted that some factories charge some extra capital for using multiple colours in an embroidered patch.

As compared to woven patches, embroidered patches are way too expensive with a longer turnaround time. However, the cost and timeline of a custom embroidered patch may vary according to your request – like the number of patches you order, the percentage of embroidery, whether 50%, 75% or 100%, and the type of materials used. The retail price of embroidered patches can range between $3-$35+.

What is a Woven Patch?

Woven patches are the best bet for those who want more information and details weaved into the fabric. Like a woven label, the weave of a woven patch is also created with even more thinner threads. These threads enable the weave to become tightened so that you can read the text on a woven patch more clear and loud. For a high-end resolution, we recommend woven labels and patches that are ideal for details. 

The main difference between a woven patch and embroidered patch is the surface of the texture. The texture is blended into the patch in a woven patch and not raised on the surface like with an embroidered texture. Woven patches have a one-dimensional appearance. They can be tucked inside or outside of your clothes, just like a woven label. Woven patches are also manufactured through the backing method and with any available colour threads. 

Woven patches are cheaper than embroidered patches with a faster turnaround time comparatively. However, the cost and timeline of a customized woven patch depend upon how many patches you

order, the size of the woven patch, and the complexity of the design. Woven patches are retailed from any market between the range of $2-$25+.

Pros of Embroidered Patches:

  • Patches look more catchy to customers – they are the best option if you are looking for a traditional and classic look.
  • The three-dimensional effect makes it stand out for you.
  • Most popular – and the best choice!

Pros of Woven Patches:

  • Woven patches are the ultimate option for printing large or small texts with delicate and fine details.
  • Woven patches are less bulky and low cost.
  • Less complicated to manufacture and fastest turnaround time.