What is the Cost of Flexible Hoses?

The installation or application of flexible hoses may be vital to your business’s safe and efficient operation.

With a wide selection of options available, including stainless steel hose, PTFE hose and composite hose designs, you will be able to transfer or transport a diverse range of liquids, gases and other materials in perfect safety.

Depending on the construction materials chosen for your hoses, the materials transported may include volatile or corrosive substances – and processes may take place even in extreme temperatures and levels of pressure.

Proflex Hose – specialists in the manufacture and supply of industrial flexible hose – offer bespoke solutions to serve any number of specialist applications.

So – how much does flexible hose cost? In this article, the team at Proflex Hose explain a little about what to expect in terms of the pricing of these products.

A Variety of Options

Proflex Hose offers an almost endless range of options when it comes to the designs, dimensions and materials that can be used when fabricating the flexible hose you require.  

While we use type 321 stainless steel as standard in our stainless steel flexible hoses, customers can request specialist steel grades if needed. 

For example, we recommend that hoses required for offshore applications should be fabricated from grade 316 stainless steel to combat the corrosive effect for seawater.

It is also possible to request hoses created from a range of composite materials, with layers of polymer, film or fabric wrapped around a durable spiral of wire. 

There are myriad options available when it comes to the construction of composite hose, with every element selected to best serve the intended application of the product. 

Because of this huge range of possible options, the final price of a hose will depend on the material types and quantities used, as well as the fabrication methods.

Order sizes can also range from a very few to hundreds of products. As such, prices may vary considerably.


Here are a few of the elements that are taken into account when fabricating bespoke flexible hoses for your business and generating a price for your order:

  • Number of products required
  • Dimensions requested
  • Materials used
  • Complexity of design
  • Specialist fittings, flanges and other accessories required

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