What is The Botox Lip Flip Procedure?

There are many reasons for seeking plump lips, be it cultural preferences or the need to conform to current trends. Regardless of your reason, selecting a safe, affordable, and effective procedure is crucial. For some, the Botox lip flip procedure may be the best option.

“A lip flip is a non-surgical intervention that achieves fuller lips. A qualified professional essentially injects botulinum toxin into the lip edges and corners of the mouth” says botox professional Dr Lee B. Daniel of Dr. Lee B. Daniel Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

The injected chemical relaxes the upper lip muscles, triggering a small upward “flip.” This change makes the lip appear larger than usual. You can see the changes in just 20 minutes.

Who Qualifies for a Lip Flip?

There are no medical conditions that necessitate a lip flip. Going for the procedure is generally a personal decision. However, to qualify for a lip flip, you must:

  • Be free from oral infections, such as cold sores
  • Be generally healthy 

You should also have realistic expectations with a lip flip. Although there are many possible reasons, resort to the procedure if:

  • You desire your lips to appear fuller
  • You want to avoid lip augmentation and fillers
  • You wish your lips to give more cover to your gums
  • You want to eliminate wrinkles, especially when making facial expressions
  • You need to boost your self-confidence by improving your appearance

The Procedure

You must avoid blood thinners, such as aspirin, and alcohol four days before going for a lip flip. This will reduce the possibility of bad swelling.

During the procedure, the medical practitioner will inject botulinum toxin (Botox) into sections of your upper lip. This will take about ten minutes, and there should not be a need for numbing.

After the procedure, your lips may appear swollen and feel slightly numb. Avoid smoking, kissing, sleeping facedown, and massaging/rubbing your lips the days after the procedure.

However, you can immediately return to your daily activity schedule.

The Results

The early results of a flip lip can be seen just 20 minutes after the procedure. However, gains in appearance occur within a few days and peak after about 14 days. 

You should know that the results are not permanent. The appearance of a fuller lip lasts for about three months since only small Botox volumes are injected into the lip. However, once you notice the waning effects, you can opt for another flip lip to maintain your appearance.

If you need a more permanent option, then Botox lip fillers should be more effective. However, this alternative is may be more costly.

Possible Side Effects

Lip flips are generally low-risk and safe due to the small Botox volumes used. However, minor swelling and bruising are typical at injection sites.

The lips may excessively relax when a high Botox dose is used. Besides making it difficult to close your lips, the excess Botox can cause:

  • Drooping on one end of the mouth
  • Problems retaining fluids in the mouth after drinking
  • The inability to whistle and spit
  • Problems uttering certain words
  • Drooling

These side effects disappear as the Botox wears off. However, you may experience chills, fever, and headaches in rare cases. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience worse symptoms.

The Takeaway

A Botox flip lip is a non-surgical procedure that achieves a fuller upper lip without the need for dermal fillers. It involves small Botox injections to the upper lip, creating a “flip” effect.

The procedure is not only low-risk and safe but also less costly than dermal fillers. However, it is not permanent and must be redone every few months to sustain the appearance of fuller lips.

Always ensure a qualified and certified doctor does the procedure. Also, discuss expectations before the procedure.