What Is The Best Way To Share Large Video Files? Assess and Decide

If you want to share documents or files, there are many ways. Like, you can send files up to 25 MB using Gmail. This specification can change according to email service providers, and if you want to share a file larger than the specified limit, you’ll most likely receive an error message. The problems related with sharing large video files are a headache. For example, you wish to send an uncompressed raw file to your editor. First thing, your email client will not accept a file of this size. If it does somehow, it’ll compress the file. This may result in a data loss as every byte of raw footage carries critical data that’s required for post-production. Thus, you may ask – How do I seamlessly share large video files for editing? If you have a large file and don’t know a good way of sharing it with your editing team, keep reading further to know the best way to share large video files anywhere, anytime, within seconds.

Use Cloud Based Services To Share Large Video Files

One of the easiest and economical ways of sharing large files is using cloud-based storage and file-sharing services online. Cloud file sharing involves use of cloud-based technology to transfer files between users. It uses cloud storage and collaborative services to allow for easy online file sharing between multiple users with no geographical restrictions.

There are many cloud storage and sharing providers, and each come with different features and subscription plans. For example, with a Dropbox account, you either create a link or use Dropbox Transfer to send files up to 100 GB without consuming storage space. Recipients just need to download the files via the link to view it, doesn’t matter they don’t have a Microsoft account.

Other cloud-based storage and sharing services are Google Drive, One Drive, and more. These cloud services allow users to seamlessly migrate large datasets to the cloud, making them available for others to view and download. On top of that, these services offer you control over other value-added features like user rights management, centralized file library, easy sharing options, and real-time collaboration.

Cloud-Based Sharing Services Is A Secure Way

Cloud-based sharing services have delivered a safe and secure way to send large-size videos to someone for free. By simply uploading the large videos to your account, creating a shared link for the same, and copying the link into a message or an email, you can share large video files securely. You can choose from providers such as Box (10GB), Google Drive (15GB), iCloud (5GB), and OneDrive (5GB). But, note this down:

  • Not all video types are supported by various cloud services. Like, Google Drive don’t support large videos in formats MKV, HEVC, AVCHD, etc.
  • If you intend to play the videos directly through the services, it may not support resolutions like 4K or higher.

Use a File Transfer Site To Share Large Video Files

If you are apprehensive about subscribing to bigger platforms such as Dropbox or Google Drive, varied file transfer websites offer you an alternative to securely share large video files with others. Like cloud services, the file transfer sites allow you to upload large HD/4K videos, compose an email to people who you want to send the videos to, and attach the videos. The recipients will receive an email with a link to the video for playback or download. Some sites that allow easily sending of large video files to someone for free are:

  • MyAirBridge allow you to upload and share videos up to 20 GB for free.
  • Filmail allows you to upload and share videos up to 5GB for free.
  • WeTransfer allows you to upload and share videos up to 2GB for free.
  • Send Anywhere allow for sending videos up to 10GB for free.

Use an External Hard Drive To Share Large Video Files

Another great way to send or share large video files securely and fast is a hard drive. With the help of a USB or hard drive, you can share any video files between people quickly without having to wait, for the lengthy process of uploading to the net. There are a range of external hard drives with large capacities and superfast data transfer rates. For 4K/8K large video sharing, external HDDs and SSDs is a good choice. They’re affordable, capacious, and really fast. Buy one and easily share any big video files with your friends or colleagues. Note that certain USB drives are formatted in FAT32, so you are required to compress the video if the file is larger than 4GB.

The Final Word

There are different ways that allow you to share or send your large video files to anyone. However, the best way to share large video files is a reliable file management app that can allow you to securely upload and share large files of up to 20 GB. These services also allow all file extensions.