What is the Best Teeth Whitening Technique?

Everybody loves to have white teeth! The confidence that it adds to your face is quite remarkable. As a result, teeth whitening has been a part of our everyday dental care routine for most of us.

Nobody likes to have yellowish teeth as it might affect their overall smile, life, and confidence. But, what if we told you that there are multiple ways for teeth whitening that you can opt for? Yes, it’s true!

But, before we begin, you must understand the two different types of teeth whitening.

Different Types Of Teeth Whitening

  1. Extrinsic Whitening: This process of teeth whitening requires you to use mild abrasives to clean the outer surface of your teeth. However, expert teeth whitening dentist Framingham suggests that this whitening process only helps you reveal your teeth’ original color underneath but doesn’t actually change your teeth color.
  • Intrinsic Whitening: This process of teeth whitening requires you to use bleaching of some form. This process is more effective than extrinsic as it changes the enamel’s color. However, peroxide is the only tooth whitening agent used here.

Now that we have a precise idea of the different types of teeth whitening let’s look at the different methods for the same.

Different Options For Teeth Whitening

Option 1: Whitening Via In-Office Laser

The first option and probably the most preferred option of them all is the in-office laser method. The option utilizes peroxide-based and laser whitening agents in a professional setting.

Given the agents used, this method of teeth whitening ensures prolonged results. However, while the whitening effects last long, this method is not very cost-effective and might come at a hefty price.

Option 2: Whitening Using Teeth Trays

Yes, the second method in our list is the teeth trays that are easily accessible at any dentist or the counter of a medicine shop. These trays come in handy to provide you with instant whitening as they are filled with peroxide-based whitening gel.

While this is a more cost-effective method than in-office laser procedure, it should be noted that the technique comes with relevant precautions. For example, once you use teeth whitening trays, you must avoid drinking while whitening.

Option 3: Teeth Whitening Rinses and Toothpastes

The third option on our list is also the most affordable of them all. The method is as simple as swapping your regular mouthwash and toothpaste for whitening products. This approach allows you to keep up, eliminate surface stains and prevent build-up stains from future actions.

Interestingly, these kinds of toothpaste don’t contain enough peroxide, providing you with a better alternative to teeth whitening. It is also one of the most preferred methods by several dentist Framingham.

Time To Keep Up With A Healthy Smile!

While there are numerous other methods for teeth whitening, we have curated a list of the most effective and affordable methods for you. While there are innumerable methods applicable, always try to consult experts like the teeth whitening Framingham first. Remember, healthy teeth are better than shining ones!