What Is The Best Quality Porcelain Tile?

Approximately a thousand years back in Egypt, we can witness the use of tiles by many ancient dynasties such as the Greeks, the Persian empire, and Romans. From that time period onwards, the art of manufacturing many types of tiles grew from the Mesopotamian era to the Mughal empire in the 1900s, where those porcelain tiles sale continued to honed designs for mosques, museums, libraries, and structures.

One of the most used types of tile was porcelain tiles, as it provided many features and characteristics with the advancement of production techniques that all upcoming dynasties followed it such as North and South America. In fact, these porcelain tiles sale has become common amongst common consumers to decorate their houses, bathrooms as well as kitchens too.

As per research, porcelain tiles vary in type, but which one is of the best quality? Following understanding can help to find the best quality porcelain tile:

Hard or Soft

Porcelain tiles differ in their hardness and softness rating. It’s not that only hard porcelain tiles are better for use. Instead, it depends on the requirement. However, hard porcelain tiles are quite expensive, but they are more strong, durable and as per research, they can withstand the environment and busiest traffic for more than a year to five years. Whereas the soft porcelain tiles are cheaper to buy and be can be used for lower traffic areas.

Porcelain tiles are pressed up to 500kg/cm^2 to reduce the voids and cavities within the bisque to make the tile less porous, stain-resistant, and hygienic. To determine the hardness and softness of porcelain tiles, The Porcelain Enamel Institute had established a PEI Scale which measures ratings from zero to five. This scale is very effective and helpful to measure porcelain tiles’ hardness and softness for perfect use.

Shiny or Lusterless

Another important factor for best quality porcelain tiles is their shine, glossy surface, or lusterless, dull surface. Both types are well suited for the areas to be used. However, the shiny porcelain tiles would stand out more, such as giving the matte finish on the kitchen and shower walls when the water is splashed on them. On the other side, using porcelain tiles on the floor is the most popular choice due to its durability and glossiness as the floor gets wet, but water makes it more slippery leading to more accidents. 

Colours and Types

The best feature of porcelain tiles is that it comes with a vast range of insignias and profiles for those people who don’t want their walls and floors of white colour. Moreover, these porcelain tiles can also replicate marble and limestone with colours such as Matt Almond, white and grey with state-of-the-art effects such as rustic brief and split faces mosaics. Fascinatingly, these tiles can be availed in every best possible magnitude and profile for the perfect appearances.

Final Words:

 The vast research on these porcelain tiles sales made me pick every type of it to furnish my home despite the fact that hardness tiles with glossiness are more preferable, but other types are also useful as they cater to the needs of every requirement. Thus, select which suits your requirement impeccably.