What Is The Best Payment Gateway In The Uae?

The eCommerce market has undergone a tremendous change in UAE in the duration of 2005-2010. With eCommerce, online payment has increased rapidly. Secure payment everyone demands so the eCommerce market has brought secure payment with itself. There are different kinds of payment gateways in the UAE. You have to choose the best one depending upon your business needs. It includes payment support, transaction fees, supplier handiness, development procedures, customer service. Many SEO companies in Dubai relies on the payment gateways for their transactions. In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 gateways in UAE for payment processing.


Not every payment gateway needs to work in the same manner:

Step 1:- When a customer visits the website and makes any purchase and wants to place an order at the checkout, at that time, he/she has to fill down his/her credit card details.

Step 2:- After that, the website sends all the necessary details securely to the payment gateways.

Step 3:- In the third step, the payment gateways send the entire details to the seller’s bank.

Step 4:- The merchant’s bank informs the buyer’s bank 

Step 5: Then, the details of the purchase are exchanged.

Step 6:- Payment gateway after that shares the info to the website, with the help of this purchase become fruitful.


Undoubtedly, Telr is one of the most recognized payment gateways in the UAE. This payment gateway gives multiple prevalent payment methods. These days, Telr is supporting many countries. In Telr, three ways of payment are entry-level, small level, and medium level. These are very good for startups. 

Telr Cost: – 349/month AED for entry-level, 99/month for small level, and 49/month AED for medium level.


Payfort is also a very popular UAE payment gateway. This Amazon Company functions in Arabic and neighboring countries such as the UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. This can accept numerous online payment methods. It allows high security as it minimizes the risks. Moreover, it can boost your revenue. Its monthly charges are 420 AED.


This company is located in Dubai, UAE. Cash is the largest online payment company in the MENA region(the Middle East and North Africa). This payment gateway allows various fraud prevention measures as well as the risks associated with online payments. CashU has also recently initiated its virtual credit card service with the teamwork of MasterCard. UAE inhabitants with a listed CASHU account can promptly create their Virtual MasterCard Prepaid Card to make payments on e-commerce gateways that receive MasterCard.


CC Avenue is Launched in 2001. Three years back, this company decided to enlarge its worldwide footmark with the new workplace in Dubai. It is widely used in the eCommerce business of Dubai. It is appropriate for every business. Its monthly charges are 200 AED.


It is founded in 2012. In the year 2014, checkout started providing services to the UAE, and it offers an efficient solution for mobile as well as online purchasing. It accepts all the major credit cards globally. The best fraud management systems are also offered by checkout, named “Prism Risk Management System”.

Final Thoughts

Due to digital marketing advancements, eCommerce stores are expanding, and therefore payment gateways are very much essential. In this blog, we have discussed the best payment gateway in the UAE. We hope that this blog works for you. If you are having any issue, ask us freely in the comment section.