What is the best massage chair?

A massage chair is equipment that provides massage to the various parts of the body. The chairs are not exactly in the shape and size of a typical normal chair and neither do you see it very often in homes. It is generally used in commercial spaces such as salons, spas, and massage and therapy centers. 

Now, if you consider buying a China massage chair then you have to take a note of a few things as we have mentioned here in this article. 

See, buying a massage chair is not an everyday job so you better do it after gathering sufficient knowledge and information on the various types of chairs and their functionalities. 

Of course, at the end of the day when you come back home from your office tired you would like to have a good massage done to energize and refresh your body.

Which types of massage chairs are ideal for you?

What might be unknown to you is that there are different subcategories in China’s massage chair. Although all of them might look the same there are mainly three types of massage chairs as we have given it below for you-

Core massage chair

Those with therapeutic features

Chairs with some basic features

Knowing the features of the massage chairs

Now let’s come to the most vital part of this article and here we will be having a look at some of the most demanding features of a China massage chair. So let’s begin-

Zero gravity

The zero gravity in a China massage chair is the one that you will find the most attractive. 

The best feature that you get while you sit in these massage chairs is the feel of weightlessness. The chairs allow the back of your body to press firmly against the back of the chairs allowing it to give a much deeper massage. 

The zero gravity massage chairs can provide body massage from the legs to the knee and from the waist to the upper back and shoulder region of your body. 

A heating system within the massage chairs

The heating system is also one of the core and highly attractive features in a China massage chair. Depending on your budget you can choose to go with this feature or avoid it. 

The most advanced massage chairs these days by the way have this feature inbuilt in them. There is an internal heating system in these massage chairs that allow gentle heating with massaging of the body. 

This gentle heating of the body provides better blood circulation, and prevents blood clotting or even removes minor blood clots. 

Go with the reclining functionality

If you want to have one feature in your China massage chair then you need to choose the recline functions. 

What the recline function does is it is integrated with the chair. There is also a foot massager within the reclined massage chairs that provide the foot massage when the chair is in a reclined position. 

If you want to go with the best value-added feature then this is the feature to look out for. We can surely tell you that if you do not have a reclining function in the massage chair then it is fairly incomplete.  

Going with the body stretch feature

This is also one of the uniquely advanced features that you can choose depending on your budget for buying a China massage chair.  

The best part of these massage chairs is that they have an entire body stretch feature that allows you to have a full-body stretch while as a part of the body massage. 

Right from the spine on the back to the limbs to the twisting of the hips and foot stretch these chairs are capable of providing you with all types of general stretching exercises. 

Now that is a feature that is sure to get some attraction.

Knowing about the point zone and massage modes

Now there are some models in the China massage chair category that allow the user to have maximum control over how they want to have their massage. There are various custom modes within the chairs that you can use to give orders to the rollers on which part of your body to massage for how long.